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  • Users Workshop, Seattle, WA - Nov 17-21, 2014
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When & Where

University of Washington, ActualBuilding TBD

Monday, Nov 17 @ 1pm to Thursday, Nov 20 @ noon

Travel Logistics

  • Andy (Sun-Fri), Michael (Mon-Fri), Kem (Mon-Thu) & Cathy (Sun-Thu)
  • George will be in Chile but could join possibly Monday eve or Tues


Users Workshop on the Operations Simulator, MAF and supporting tools and languages.


On location: Kem, Cathy, Michael, Zeljko, Lynne, Andy, Simon, Peter,

Remote: George, Srini, who else?


Simulations Team


  • Python
  • Build system (scons) & installing
  • Version control (git, Github and or Stash)
  • Package management (EUPS)
  • Project management - JIRA 
  • Documentation - Confluence / Docushare
  • Wikis & Websites


  • Code Reviews
  • Unit Tests
  • Coding best practices (see DM confluence page)

Operations Simulator Code

Metrics Analysis Framework (use materials from LSST2014?)

  • Code Structure (Lynne, Peter)
  • Editing & contributing
  • the DM stack




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