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  • Unified JIRA Workflow proposal
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I still have the outstanding questions:

  • How does JIRA track storypoints completed for issued linked and marked “Duplicate”?
  • Can we enter “unassigned” JIRA issues? And if not, does this impact reporting board owners are the default assignee.

Redesigned Workflow

  • Eliminate the JIRA field "Resolution", as this has been included in "Status"
  • Change "Open" to "To Do" (and eliminate "Reopen")
  • "Flagged" is a bridge to everywhere from everywhere for any deviations from the standard workflow
  • "Reviewed" is a hand off of the issue back to the owner from the reviewer
  • "Duplicate" issues should be linked to the duplicate as well as moved to this Status (not sure how JIRA tracks storypoints completed for this)
  • Deferred items get set back to "To Do" and relegated to the Backlog for later evaluation.
  • Non-coding Issues can be set to "Done" "Won't Fix" or "Duplicate" without going to "In Review" or "Reviewed".





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