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  • October 3rd 2014
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Call in number: 866 330 1200
Code: 518 2287#

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1. New time for the simulations telecon
 - based on the Doodle poll Wednesday at 9am (Pacific) is the top choice. We will discuss if moving to 9.30am is preferable
 - opsim will discuss a new phonecon time

2. Status of fatboy for serving catalogs (Simon)

3. DD Ghosts: how to they arise and does this have issues for changing the dithering scheme (Kem and Peter).


4. Updates on current sprints 

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  1. Minutes from Oct. 3 2014

    Meeting time:

    We will move the meeting time to 9:30 AM Pacific on Wednesdays.

    UW base catalog server:

    The server machine underwent some diagnostics for resulting from observed failed login attempts.  We took the machine off the public network for some time and have put it back up on the public network.  We have not observed any failures since putting it back on the public network.  Please feel free to resume using the catalogs and report any failures you experience.

    DD 'ghosts'

    Kem:  There are 12 pentagons in this tessellation.  Two are at the poles.  The five that are in the southern hemisphere happen to approximately line at the same longitude as one of the DD fields.  So these are artifacts of the tessellation scheme not related to the DD fields.

    Peter: As shown in the plots, this shows up in the overlaps.

    Actions: None at the moment though we should record this and ask those looking at dithering to quantify this.


    Catalogs updates:

    Scott Update:

    Cleanup.  Break out database connection from catalogs operations

    Peter Update:

    Code reviews.  Chuck and Chris S. for sky data.  Getting ready to compare ESO sky models to the observed sky.

    Andy: When are you going to be ready to show something?

    Peter: Two weeks

    Lynne Update:

    Talking to Mozilla people.  Solar system science collaboration and DPS.  AAS abstract. 

    Veljko Update:

    Made a tiny query to the UW catalogs to try to understand the catalogs framework.  In the next few days I'll probably post some questions to HipChat if that is the place to do it.

    Opsim Update:

    Andy: Are we converging on the look and feel of the website?  Where do we stand on replacing SSTAR with showMaf?

    Kem: We have all the information, but we haven't been able to make it look like we want.

    Lynne: Can you write down the process you would go through to examine a run for the first time?

    Kem: We can do that.  We have two cases: scientific usability, code quality and they are not necessarily the same.

    Lynne: We can put together two drivers, one for each task if that helps.

    Kem: It might.

    Other OpSim updates:

    One significant thing is that Srini has done the migration from slalib to palpy.  This is a good advance.  We have a couple of bugs fixed by Francisco.  Those are done.  Kem has an item that needs to be checked in, specifically config files.  Kem is still working on LSE-190 more compact with less duplications.

    Andy: can we tag a release version?

    Kem: We are planning on tagging 3.2 with Francisco's bug fixes and Kem's new configs.  This will hopefully be within a week.

    Srini: PalPy will be in that too.

    Andy has been working making Dockers for the various sims efforts.  Srini will work with Andy next Friday on the OpSim version.

    ...Various discussion about Docker I wasn't able to capture it all...  Feel free to add important notes.

    Kem: One other thing not in JIRA yet, we are working toward a VM called maf1 to do experiments with running and distributing maf outputs.

    PhoSim  update:

    Chris: There's a lot of work related to understanding the effects Dave M. has seen.  There has been some work to look at the features Chuck sees in the power spectrum.  There is some talk about where these conversations should be captured.

    General Updates:

    The new opsim hire will be on board in a month or so.  Once he is on board, we should do introductions to the team and to the system.

    Next week we will start the new phonecon time 9:30 Pacific.