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  • Arrival and departure times for all-hands meeting
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Andy Connolly7.30am 17th Aug (Monday)Seattle (viewridge)3pm 22nd Aug (Saturday)Seattle (viewridge)no car
George Angeli10:37am, 16th Aug (Sunday)Tucson2:15pm, 22nd Aug (Saturday)Tucsonno car
Peter Yoachim8pm, 16th Aug (Sunday)Seattle3pm 22nd Aug (Saturday)Seattleno car
Scott  Danielevening 16th Aug (Sunday)Seattleafternon 22nd Aug (Saturday)Seattlecan give 4 others a ride
Cathy Petry2:25pm 16th Aug (Sunday)Tucson - SeaTac3:00pm 22nd Aug (Saturday)SeaTac - Tucsonno car
Kem Cook6:00 PM 16th Aug (Sunday)San Francisco3:45 PM 22nd Aug (Saturday)San Franciscono car
Darko Jevremovic12:50 PM 16th Aug (Sunday)arriving at SeaTac from MSPafternon 22nd Aug (Saturday)Seattleno car
Michael Reuter4:50 PM 16th Aug (Sunday)Tucson9:50 AM 22nd Aug (Saturday)Tucsonno car
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  1. FYI for everyone:

    You can take the light rail from the airport to the Pioneer Square station (33 min ride) , and the ferry terminal is 0.4 miles away. I think all the hotels are walkable when you get off the ferry in Bremerton. Here's the link to the ferry schedule (departs every 1-1.5 hours).