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  • 28th February 2014
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Attending: ajc, richard, knut, abi, debbie, steve, jim, kem, cathy, chuck, george, john, chris, heather, simon, peter, scott, simon
ACTION - we need some aspects of the mailers that capture smaller discussions (easier to add users)
ACTION - need to schedule discussion of project wide sky model
ACTION - move to git has to happen this by next
User center reports (Richard/Debbie/Knut)
  • User centers to support dark energy and broader science 
  • help desk (when), ticket system possibly next years
  • Simulation specific discussion - recipes and user cases for catsim, phosim, opsim, and MAF (DESC working on catsim and phosim but should extend to MAF)
  • Development of simulated data challenges
    • need viable versions of DM/Sims etc
    • 2017 time frame and could feed into commissioning work
    • need to carefully design the data challenges
  • Phosim power users
    • continue the support of user, forums for users, not a help desk but a discussion group
    • development of code and science, potential repositories

Repositories and branches for simulation code

  • Lots of discussion about branches
  • John - occasional telecons for users and experts and working on changes, not touching on science, have development branch, can allow people on the development branch, probably need STASH running for that to work
  • Simon - HSC does this with DM (including cherry picking changes)
  • Chris - need more options for branches than just tagged
  • Need to be able to support multiple branches for simulations and cherry pick changes
  • STASH might provide this - get it installed
  • Chris - need to have better communication tools (enable small mailing lists) ajc - need to capture exchanges and not private emails.
DESC project for imsim on demand with demo in June (2-4th for DESC meeting)
  •   will look into getting opsim to go faster
  •   opsim on demand (would need it to be parallelizable and easy install)
Need to coordinate MAF roll out with that meeting as the MAF dry run will be  9-11 for dry 
Report from opsim review (Abi)
  • Encouraging, with good points
  • Gap between SRD and the requirements for opsim need to be bridged
  • Development of MAF may be part of that bridge
  • Need opsim to be faster (hours not days)
  • Knut/Steve/Zeljko defining the science goals for MAF workshop
  • Will put a response together 


  • Alpha version ready to go
  • Chuck, Zeljko, Srini and Cathy looking at this next week


Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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