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  • 22nd August 2014
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Attendees : ajc, jim, richard, peter, steve, simon, Lynne, Srini, Debbie, George, Kem, Kirk


Our first post-LSST2014 meeting will be this Friday. The agenda for this week will be:

1. Feedback on the breakout sessions (what results should we be aware of and what needs to be factored into the next 6 months of plans)
 - Cadence workshop and MAF (lynne, peter, steve)
 - Opsim development for the scheduler (kem)
 - Catalog development (with the photometry package release up next) (scott)
 - Phosim work (john, chris)
 - AOB

2. Planning for the next 6 months of work. I'd like each group to discuss the high level plans for the next 6 months and then we can start on the detailed planning over the next week


3. Presenting results at the simulation phonecons
 - As we develop the next 6 months of work I'd like us to get into the habit of showing plots and results as we go along. Examples could be results from new metrics, latest phosim comparisons, color-color plots for catalogs colors vs real data. I think this will be a good way for everyone to see what each of the groups are up to and should lead to some interesting discussions.



new metrics from cadence workshop feedback:

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