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  • 2014-07-09 Meeting Notes
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Jul 9, 2014 @ at 10:30a PDT (10:30a MST)

Tucson Location:  LSST Conference Room

Videocom: IP (Direct Dial)

Call 1-866-330-1200, Participant Number 860-9352#


  • Cathy, Iain, Kem,Andy, Simon, Peter, Abi,  Francisco, Lynne, George (Steve on vacation)


  • LSST2014 
    • Scheduler Dev plans and docs
    • travel for Kem and Francisco ahead of meeting
    • OpSim functionality and capability session at Cadence Workshop?
  • MAF workable replacement for SSTAR
    • SQLite conversion steps (2x2week sprints)
    • MAF documentation in Sphinx?
  • Cadence Studies for Workshop
    • Current codebase (all changes?)
    • RA Limit issues
    • nested subseq
    • 7 year failure
  • Other
    • Mozilla, El Gato
    • MWV - results on SN studies with Rolling Cadence?


Iain's Corner

  • Final testing of the opsimcvs VM is complete. Additional testing is needed for a permissions glitch with the sqlite.db files. (Cathy will send out add'l info)
  • The JIRA item for planning what to do about cronos will carry over to the next Sprint
  • Simon and Andy asked Iain to prioritize fixing the ssh stash checkout and the stash time-out issue.

ADASS - Oct 5, Calgary - abstracts due Sunday, July 13

  • We might go to do some recruiting
  • Cathy checked in with Suzanne and the Project Office has not planned a presence there.
  • No OpSim team member is going currently

LSST2014 - LSST Project &Community Workshop

  • Peter will send out meeting details for tomorrow 1-4 to review the opening presentation on MAF for the Cadence Workshop
  • Francisco will be traveling to Tucson Sunday or Monday before the LSST2014 and Kem will likely travel Monday night, and coordinate rides up to Phoenix on Sunday
  • This is not enough time to add a segment on the functionality and capabilities of OpSim to the Cadence Workshop, and it is expected most users will only care about the output.

MAF workable replacement for SSTAR

  • MySQL/SSTAR to SQLite/MAF:  there was considerable discussion about how to manage changes to the Simulator and summary_ table schemas.  The bottom line is that it is unavoidable that the schema will evolve going forward (although we can work to minimize this), that we do have a mechanism for linking the schema and maf (via eups), and the users will have to be aware that they will have to update their code when a schema change occurs.  in the meantime, the planned changes in the schema for this phase should clean things up and simplify them,  We agreed that Lynne, Kem and Cathy will discuss and settle on field names for filtSkyBright (e.g. skyBrightness) and filt_5sigma (e.g., fiveSigma). to make this more general names for these values in preparation for the new sky model. We also agreed that it would not be necessary to implement the computation of ETC (or "perry") values of skybrightness and depth either in the Simulator or in MAF.  We will only report on values that are actually used in the simulator.  All tasks to make the conversion are scheduled in Sprint 11 and Sprint 12.
  • MAF documentation in Sphinx:  Peter and Lynne will add as they have time.  If Srini can contribute, it would be useful to have an initial setup by extracting comments within the code, and set up the Sphinx structure.

Cadence Studies for the Workshop

  • Primary blocker is programmer time to sort out the several issues that still need resolution.  Francisco may have some time to devote to working with Kem on this in the near term.
  • A meeting of the hiring committee for the new developer is scheduled for tomorrow.


  • Cathy is working with team members offline and will complete Sprint 10 and start Sprint 11 this afternoon.