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  • 12th November 2014
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Meeting notes for Sims telecon, Oct 29 2014:


Attending: ajc, scott, rahul, michael, kevin, brittany, lynne, debbie, cathy, darko, jim, george

  • An introduction to implementing SNe in the simulations (Rahul)
    • slides
    • distribution functions will be simple to start with and then expand
    • do we need to connect with opsim and MAF - yes
    • package SNE code in the photUtils - want to make it agnostic to catalogs so others can use functions outside of catsim
    • Rahul  - light curve model goes -20 to +50 day as around maximum light 
  • How do we specify angles in the simulations. Should we use a specialized class (e.g afw's angle class) (Scott)
    • there are places in the code where we convert the angles into radians incorrectly (this code isn't used but could cause problems if we have to use it)
      • should we fix these issues, use an angle class, treat ra,dec as special and work to make them consistent?
      • many advantages with an angle class - disadvantage is we can't put this into numpy arrays 
    • problem for MAF as well as catsim
    • George - uniform coordinate transformations and not just angle classes would be useful
      • transform position of the focal plane relative to the optical axis to understand a sensor position 
      • have position of the sensor in the primary mirror system by translating from the sensor coordinate system
      • position sensor relative to raft, raft relative to the mirrors, etc
      • coordinates are known or assumed
    • CameraGeom - can transform within the camera from the focal plane to the pupil but nothing beyond
    • ACTION - can we vectorize an angle class to work with numpy operations, look at AstroPy, and PalPy (Scott)
    • ACTION - how much work to transform afw angles (or build something new) to work in 3D with more coordinate transformations


  • Any last minute issues for next week (e.g. is the material ready for Michael)
    • Simon: eups, scons, build system 
      • starter hack (make opsim installable with the LSST framework)
    • Lynne: agile development, pull requests (stash and git)
      • starter hack: creating the next sprint for opsim
    • Peter: Using maf
      • starter hack: use MAF to visualize observations on a single night (and maybe compare an early night to a late night that panics with filter changes)
    • Scott: Using catsim
      • starter hack: use Catsim to generate images
    • Cathy/Kem: Running opsim
      • starter hack: generating a way to configure large number of runs and persist the configurations
  • AOB
    • ACTION - ajc to send round agenda




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