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  • 11th February 2015
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  • opsim redesign (Kem and Michael)
    • Class_Architecture_ObsSim_Scheduler-1.3.pdf
    • Scheduler_ObsSim_Telemetry_Streams-1.2.pdf
    • SchedulerOpSimInterfaces-1.1.pdf  (contains diagrams of scheduler in the OCS and simulator environments, scheduler internals and observatory simulator internals)_
      • Scheduler
        • Chuck - we will need to publish where LSST will observe next (Francisco : we can do at least one ahead and probably more). ajc - PST should weigh in on what is needed
        • Sky brightness model will predict the sky values for look ahead (telemetry will perturb this). It is not decided how we will represent the perturbations to the sky
        • Previous observations are needed for the science proposals to choose what the next field should be 
        • Why is image quality in observation history (this is information from DM). We will need this to rerank a proposal
        • Chuck - need to get the nomenclature right e.g. is image quality telemetry image quality from DM (telemetry means DDS data). We should name topics based on where the data comes from (a glossary of names are needed) We can follow Dave Mills topic library and we should be clear what we mean when we say image quality (seeing is atmosphere, image quality is measured on the detector), we need m5 or depth as well, 
      •  Survey database
        • This seems similar to EFD - plus the history of observations. We could use the EFD but more likely EFD will use this schema
        • We know the schema. It is basically a refactoring of the current opsim DB
      • Image quality model - this is the simulation of the realtime image quality not derived from the DM output
      • Will continue Friday
      • feedback from DESC
        • Scott
      • new opsim machine
        • cloud 
      • face-to-face in March
  • feedback from DESC
  • new opsim machine
  • face-to-face in March



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