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  • 1 August 2014
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Attendees : ajc, cathy, chris, debbie, george, jim, kem, kirk, richard, srini, steve R, scott


SessionTimeAttendeesNeeded AttendeesNotes
Commissioning Plans11.00-12.15ajc (split with cadence)  
DM Calibration11.00-12.15Kirk, JIm, John (question),  
Detectors and physical effects1.30-3:00Chris, John, Kirk, Richard,  
LSST Transients 11.30-2.45ajc, Simon, jim  
Technical Operations3.30-4.45George, Chuck, Srini, ajc (split)  
Phosim for detectors3.30-4.45Kirk, Chris, John  
Tool chains and debugging3.30-4.45ajc (split), Jim  
Integrated Database11.00-12.15ajc, george, chuck, srini, kem  
LSST Software stack11.00-12.15jim, chris  
Telescope and site construction1.30-2.45chris, srini  
DM stack boot camp1.30-2.45jim  
System performance metric1.30-2.45ajc, zeljko, lynne  
Modelling the sky3.30-4.45chuck, ajc, lynne, peter, kem, chris Chuck is down to speaking in a session in the cadence workshop
Using DM tasks3.30-4.45jim, chris  
Visualization tools11.00-12.15cathy, srini, ajc  
Phosim science applications11.00-12.15john, kirk, bo  
Using DM stack for detectors11.00-12.15chris, jim  
LSST transients 211.00-12.15kem  
Opsim development1.30-2.45kem, ajc, francisco, cathy, lynne, peterBill G, Herman 
Commissioning camera1.30-2.45chuck, chris  
How to fit a galaxy1.30-2.45jim  
Using phosim for construction3.30-4.45john, chris, bo  







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