January 2017 DMLT




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Chance for me (Wil) to get to know you all a bit better, understand your AGILE process, and learn about the current long term Plan.

Other Topics for the agenda (please add here any points you would like to discuss)

Topics of interest to T/CAMs:


Day #1: Jan 10 - start 9:00AM (Room 27)

09:00   Introduction of Wil to the team - revisit the Good/Bad/Ugly talk from LSST Europe.

10:00   AGILE on Gaia talk (orginally for ESOC) to focus the discussion

10:45   Break

11:00   Individual/Team intros and how each do Agile

11:00   Project Science Group Overview - Mario

11:20   Architecture Overview - KT/Tim

11:40   Data Release Production - John Swinbank / Jim Bosch

12:00   Alerts - Simon/Andy

12:30   LUNCH (off-site; on your own)

14:00   Data Access Services - Fritz

14:20   SUIT - Xiuqin Wu / David Ciardi

14:40   SQuaRE - Frossie Economou/ Michael Wood-Vasey

15:00   Production, Infrastructure and Ops - Margaret/Don

15:30   Break

15:45   What is our goal:  the DM mission statement ...

16:15   Moving to OPS from AGILE dev - wil

17:30   End (or earlier if we make it)

Day #2: Jan 11 (with Victor) (Room 27)

09:00   Documentation (and other technical topics)

              some impressions - WOM

              some history - FE

10:00   What the project manager expects (20min)- Victor

10:30   Overview of plan status (20min) - Mario

10:45   Break

11:05   Individual TCAM views on the plan specifically

11:05   Alerts - Simon Krughoff

11:30   Data Release Production - John Swinbank

11:55   SQuaRE - Frossie Economou

12:30   LUNCH (off-site; on your own)

13:45   Operations and pre-operations - Beth Willman

14:00   SUIT - Xiuqin Wu

14:25   Data Access Services - Fritz

14:50   Production, Infrastructure and Ops - Margaret

15:15   Break

15:30   Open discussion with Victor

16:00   Actions for finalizing the plan and scheduling Day #3 work (Victor/wil/Mario)

17:00   End

18:00   Gather for off-site Team Dinner (seating at 18:30): Cafe a la Cart; Directions

Day #3: Jan 12 (Main Conference Room)

09:00-12:00   Topics not covered by first two days, including (see above for full list):

09:00   Tim on some points that came up the last days 10 minutes?

09:20   Finishing LDM-151Jim Bosch  

10:00   Customers of binaries - Tim Jenness

10:45   Break

11:00   Future of DM risks and how we manage themTim Jenness

11:20   Clarification of usage of term QA (Quality Assessment vs Quality Assurance vs Quality Analysis)

12:00   Finish

13:00-17:00   Meetings with Wil and time for work determined to be urgently needed in discussions from Days #1 and #2

Short-Term Action Items