Status Reports

Fabrice: Monitoring work ().  Will sit with Fabien to provide monitoring reports from large scale tests.  Fixed docker git script ().  Command line complex, will provide docs.  Will work on Docker swarm ().  With Walid (student at IN2P3) working to set up scripts – can he get NCSA account?

Nate: Butler stuff.  RFC-184 closed as adopted; working on implementation.  Storage factorization.

Vaikunth:  Progress cleaning up Kibana dashboard, now gets only nodes we care about.  Can adopt and do analysis on data; some binning effects due to pre-aggregation?

Andy S: Finishing tech note about L1 database schema, revision, etc.  Need reviewer before publishing (soon!).  Next step to start prototyping implementation.  Biggest unknown: new L1 for each release, or accumulate forever?  Will look at MySQL vs. PostgreSQL. Must be partitioned, based on time -- newest is active; close when full and open new one.  Avoid searches across multiple partitioned.

Igor: First week; getting up to speed.  Still need HipChat account, NCSA, IN2P3 (request access to QServ cluster).  Want to build/test software before leaving.  Get VMware installed on Mac.

Michael: Adding objectId to internal containers in lsst/partition, in order to dump secondary index.

John: Threads throttled much more than expected on cluster (). Possible solution: use single pool of threads to allocate among requests; enforces maximum total usage.  Bigger problem: proxy gets too much data back, then dies -- eats system resources rapidly then stops, taking czar with it.  Very narrow window of "safe" queries which both exercise new code and doesn't kill proxy with results.

Andy H: Will discuss face-to-face w/John some changes to simplify his proxy stuff.  Logging in XRootd essentially done except for interface to QServ logger ().  Sequencing releases to coordinate with QServ in process.  Working on memory management stuff as well.