Date and Location

, 11am-12pm pacific.



Discussion items

It'd be great if each team could cover features you think you "must have" in butler that are not available today, and features that would be nice-to-have but are not critical.

5minIntroK-T or NateP or Jacek


  • Easily specify new outputs from tasks (no need to edit obs_ packages)
  • butler.get should fail immediately if the data is not available
  • Easily iterate over partial IDs for all dataset types
  • Simplify the way IDs are normalized (?), and document the system better; also preferably make it easier to know when you have an ID that has been normalized or not.
  • Handling of bitemporal calibration products including camera descriptions. N.b. calibration products can be lots of different things: objects, images, telemetry data, sky model, etc.
  • Butlerized access to logs, configs, stack version, etc.
10minPrinceton DRP Butler Requirements / Feature Requests
10minIPAC SUI / Level 3 and SuperTask feedback on the Butler
  • isolate in-memory from IO, architecture for plugging other protocols (like S3)



Tim Jenness : I feel strongly that we should have two persistable file format options designed in to the butler (FITS and HDF5 say) so that we can be sure we have a flexible design that is not wedded to a single file format.

Nate Pease

  • (not butler work, has an AFW component tag)
  • Carry technical discussions via community
  • Next meeting: Tuesday Dec 8, 12:30pm, via bluejeans. Focus: (a) check if created stories adequately cover all requests, (b) finalize prioritization

Random notes

Butler (not-done) stories:

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