This is a first attempt at a list of the LSST SQuaRE metrics.  These metrics are for quality checks of both the data and the software.

Feel free to comment or suggest other metrics!

Alert Production (AP) Metrics

We need QA metrics for the single-frame real-time processing (AP) of the images to make sure that the data isn't useless. Here are some ideas:

Difference images:

Calibration Metrics

We need QA metrics for the calibration products (e.g., flats, biases, etc.) to make sure that the individual ones are good enough and also track how they are changing with time.

Individual calibration frame checks:

Track with time:

Data Release Products (DRP) Metrics

Instrument Signature Removal (ISR)

Point Spread Function (PSF)

World Coordinate System (WCS)

Source Detection

Photometric Measurement


Multi-fit / Forced Photometry

Catalog-Level Checks

Photometric Calibration


Key Performance Metrics (KPM)