This page records the inter-package history of the LSST DM stack packages, including package renames, retirements, additions, and code transfers.  Intra-package changes are maintained in the git logs.

Note that official recordkeeping began April 2015; records prior to that date are incomplete.

Date(s)Issue(s)Origin PackageDestination PackageOperationNotes
datareldaf_ingestCode TransferThe source ingestion task was moved to daf_ingest as part of a generalization and rename.
meas_multifit meas_modelfitPackage RenameName changed to better reflect package contents.
2013/11 - 2015/03
meas_algorithmsmeas_baseCode TransferAs part of the measurement framework rewrite, the standard suite of measurement algorithms was moved from meas_algorithms to meas_base.

Package Rename

Name changed to better reflect package purpose.

ap_verifyverifyCode TransferTimingMetricTask moved to lsst.verify, a more appropriate location for generic code.

dax_ppdbdax_apdb Package Rename