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  1. Dial: or bjn.vc
  2. Enter Meeting ID: 293724745 -or- use the pairing code

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  • +1 408 740 7256
  • +1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free)
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Discussion Items

Project updates
  • JSR - need one more slide in each deck tying to the performance (overall) presentation from Zeljko. Agreed for DM a SQUASH slide  is probably the thing to add after the verification slides.
    • JSR site to be updated this week
      • we have draft charge - but no reviewers.
      • Slides 1 week before
    • JDR draft report  sent to Victor
      • he will send on as needed for fact check ..
  • Documentation - some discussion on who is on the working group (https://lse-489.lsst.io/)
    • we have Leanne and Jonathan.
    • Leanne will clarify in the charge that it only covers source code documentation.
  •  Operations Readiness Criteria  - Completion criteria - to be made in to doc
  • Some people got back in the shop  in Tucson last week (Ron early, Oliver Friday). 4 hours per day per person. No scrubbers installed yet.
    • limited access to offices 
  • PCW next week
    • Steve welcome kickoff and Victor status
      • people should have watched talk already
      • managers should be on to answers questions - may need webinar link (in email possibly) - Ranpal will find out and inform people.
      • Community complained we ask too much during pandemic..
    • OPS plenary will be similar (webinar)
  • 3 Filter LCRs still pending approval
    • 2 should be in approval pending
    • will be chased up.
  • Discretionary funds ... what happens at year end.
    • not sure what will be available next year
    • Victor will try to figure it out.
  • NOIRLab award to some NOIRlab people for Calibration Telescope Mount Control - badly worded.
  • “Just usual”.
  • Confluence page with key dates & agenda: JDR2020/JSR2020
  • JSR: August 31 – 3 September (4 weeks away)
    • Updates to be made post-JDR (have we made them yet?):
      • Risk slides — adding architecture risk, and new requirements on security exposure needs to be increased (could bump this exposure further, due to Huawei regulations; Jeff Kantor will review).
      • Milestone Gantt chart needs to be added.
  • Document pack.
    • Some documents have already been RFCed and will be in CCB this week.
    • Otherwise, please finish your docs that were in draft for the JDR and make sure they don't say “draft” on them for the JSR.
    • Leanne pushing to get an LCR covering DPDD and DMSR changes in this week.
  • 2020-09-15/17; six weeks away.
  • As usual, there's a suggestion box on the wiki page: please add topics.
Ops Rehearsal #2
  • Happened last week... how did it go? 
    • Details on Confluence.
    • Includes data being acquired with ComCam at the base, transferred to the LDF, ingested into data repositories, and analyzed with DM pipelines.
    • Some network issues during transfers - first night was good.
      • need a better involvement of LHN team next time
  • “It was all fabulous”, says Robert Gruendl.
    • In general, feedback has been positive.
    • The commissioning folks are eager to get another rehearsal scheduled ASAP.
Operations Readiness Criteria
  • Chuck Claver has approached various members of the DM team and requested they contribute to the Operations Readiness Criteria on Confluence in advance of the JSR.
  • Members of the Science Pipelines group discussed this and agreed that:
    • This may need to be a cross-DM effort (e.g. readiness for Data Release Production includes readiness of hardware systems, execution middleware, QA harnesses, etc, not just that of Pipelines);
    • The definition of “operations readiness” seems a little unclear (can it introduce new requirements? can it relax existing requirements? what about things like documentation, which are only implicitly required?)
  • Proposal for a focused DMLT session, with Chuck as an invited guest, to figure out these details.
  • Leanne Guy — arrange a special completion criteria meeting, with Chuck and relevant DMLT folks.  
L2 Milestones

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Milestones due in the next 45 days

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Any other businessWil O'Mullane

  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann attending SPHEREx Risk Board Mon  09:00-11:00 PDT
  • PCW next week — NO DMLT or CCB meetings.


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