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From 9.05 to 09.35 PT, Wednesday, December the 18th.



DMCCB Meeting Goals

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Discussion Items

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Flagged RFCs

(To be approved by the DMCCB)

  • Planned end: Dec/16/2019
  • RFC-620
    • Mario added some updates
    • End date to be moved to mid-January
Board Recommended RFCs

Adopted but not implemented LDM RFCs (only document RFCs)

Proposed RFCs

(to review, do not require DMCCB approval)

  • Planned end: Dec/15/2019
  • Planned end: Dec/13/2019
  • Planned end: Jan/22/2020
  • Planned end: Jan/22/2020
  • Planned end: Jan/08/2020
  • RFC-638 to update the planned end date to end-January
  • RFC-648, on KT table
  • RFC-651 and RFC-652 
    • no action required now
  • RFC-653 it should be approved by KT
    • it seems that the proposal is not clear

Adopted RFCs without Triggering issues

(to create implementing DM issues)

Adopted RFCs with all triggered work COMPLETED

(to set status as 'IMPLEMENTED')

RFCs adopted since last CCB

(to review, no action required)

RFCs implemented (or withdraw) since last CCB

(to review, no action required)


  • Planned
  • Changes to the release schedule
  • Next planned major release 20.0.0
    • Planned for Spring 2020

    • Blocking issues open:
  • Potential path 19.0.1
    • there is a documentation fix that may be required.
    • it is not clear if this is a critical fix or not?
    • The ticket is: DM-22027
    • Leanne Guy the releases are for the community, rebuilding the reference catalog is for the developer, and this can be done on the weekly.
    • Tim Jenness suggest that a community post may address the problem until the next major release
    • The documentation is built from the tag.
    • Kian-Tat Lim suggest to create a branch and cherry-pick docs from that branch.
      • Gabriele Comoretto to investigate with Jonathan how easy is to get this pipelines.lsst.io updated using a 19.0.x branch, in order to have DM-22027 clarified on top of 19.0.0 release

Monitor Jira issues status:

  • the most forgotten 10 DM issues
    • (resolution = Unresolved ORDER by updated asc)

Support to J. Swinbank monitoring activity


3858 unresolved issues (3880 on November the 20th)

  • DM-5984 → Nate Pease to verify and comment if this is still relevant.
  • DM-5985, DM-6052, DM-6053 → Still relevant; likely to be swept up in ongoing k8s-ification of Qserv (via k8s secret and configuration cleanup.)
  • DM-2879, DM-5724 → Won't Fix.
  • DM-6584 → Done.
  • DM-5787, DM-6496 → Keep open for the convenience of the HSC team. Will not be worked on project.
  • DM-6570 → Still seems valid; low priority.

Open Actions


Next DM-CCB 

January 8th, 2020.

Pending Flagged RFCs

Pending Proposed RFCs
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