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Misc items

Short Term Planning

  1. Run ci_hsc with large set of Gen3 changes.
    1. Running daily that has for  DM-17023 - Refactor the Dimensions and query system DONE  to merge to master 
      1. If set DAF_BUTLER_CONFIG_PATH to a location with a registry.yaml file containing Oracle connection info.   Much, much better than having to use the previously required hacky shell script. (green star) (green star) (green star)  (still have to manually run a clobber sql manually to clean Oracle schema)
      2. Ran into identifier length issues, etc.   Discussions on dm-middleware about moving to newer version of sqlalchemy and applying patch Tim found for identifier length.  
        2. Tim Jenness will create eups version of new sqlalchemy (no patches): 
        3. Michelle Gower will apply patch for determining max identifier length to the oracleRegistry create_engine code until sqlalchemy version allows longer identifier lengths.  (will wait to see if any other Oracle-specific changes are needed to run ci_hsc_gen3 before pushing/merging).
      3. Foreign key constraint errors 
  2. Run RC2 patch through as much of DRP as applicable
    1. needs RC2 bootstrap - approximately 2 or 3 weeks out
  3. Run RC2
    1. DB folks will now have larger set of data flow information for analysis (along with updated schemas)

End-of-October DMLT meeting

Technical Discussions