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LSST Package Index

The packages and tasks that are in active development or use in the LSST Stack are listed in the tables below. (External packages are found in the second table.) The packages are organized by category. Click a table heading to re-order the list; use the filter text boxes to search for the package or task name. Package names are linked to the corresponding doxygen documentation (where available) of the package source.

External Packages

The LSST Stack depends upon a variety of third-party packages:

activemqcpp3.5.0C++ library for ActiveMQ, Apache's messaging service
apr1.3.3Apache Portable Runtime library
astrometry_net0.30Automated solutions to image World Coordinate Systems
boost1.51.0C++ performance libraries
cfitsio3310C/Fortran library for reading/writing data in FITS format
doxygen1.8.2source-code documentation generator
eigen3.1.1Library for linear algebra
fftw3.3.2C library for fast FFTs
freetype2.3.8C library for rendering fonts
gsl1.15+1GNU scientific library
libpng1.2.35Library for reading/writing images in PNG format
matplotlib1.2.1Python 2-D plotting library
minuit25.22.00C++ library for numerical minimization
mysql5.1.65MySQL database engine and tools
mysqlpython1.2.3python interface to MySQL
numpy1.8.0Python library for creating and operating on N-dimensional arrays
pyfits3.1Python library for reading/writing data in FITS format
python2.7.6Python programming language; now includes sqlite v3.
scipy0.13.0Optional python library for scientific computing
scisql0.3Science tools and extensions for SQL
scons2.1.0LSST software build tool
sconsutils 6.2.0 
sqlite3.7.14Library for serverless, transactional SQL database engine
swig2.0.4Tool to generate interfaces between C/C++ and high-level languages (i.e., python)
tcltk8.5.12tcl programming language and tk GUI toolkit
wcslib4.14C library that implements the FITS WCS standard
xpa2.1.14Unix messaging system

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