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attending: Eric Bellm John Swinbank Eric Morganson Chris Morrison Ian Sullivan Meredith Rawls

Topics for discussion:

  • HiTS reprocessing (Meredith Rawls)
    • still fighting the coadds.  Eric Bellm to tag up separately
  • DES processing (Eric Morganson)
    • g-band coadds were the only ones being constructed; some weirdness happening with jobs just hanging
  • CI (Krzysztof Findeisen )
    • #dmj-s_ap_verify channel reports nightly status
    • time to explore Squash integration?  TBD
  • DCR (Ian Sullivan )
    • fixed subfilter bug ( DM-15638 - Getting issue details... STATUS ), which fixed the sign error (some WCS flips) and a DECam longitude bug
    • DM-15634 - Getting issue details... STATUS variance plane bug is not coming from Ian's code: coadding messes up variance planes but only for Ian's data product
    • tried more things: matching filter throughputs more closely to input sims.  Suspects throughputs are a significant source of remaining mismatch
    • some discussion of next steps:
      • new code to handle finite bandwidth effects?
      • running on real data
      • (variable PSFs...)
  • ap_* development
    • Chris has filled out all columns in the DPDD in a schema  (DM-15588)
    • propagating changes through ap_pipe
    • propagation of DIASource flags to association DB (this will happen automatically with above changes).  John Swinbank points out there is still a mapping task here to "DPDD-ify" which flags get stored per bit
    • some long discussion of whether to map flags onto bitmaps or add named boolean columns per flag
    • discussion of DIAObject flag set ( Eric made a confluence page DIAObject flags
      • Meredith Rawls suggests looking at flags that come out of DRP coadds–both images and Objects
      • question of excluding DIASources; use flags to say when
      • DES SN team had a flag for is "at least one" and "at least two" DIASource selections reliable–unflagged, > 5 sigma etc.
      • was this image taken on two separate areas of the camera?  so rules out artifacts at single sky position.
      • presence of nearby bright star/galaxy
  • AOB/table round