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  • Status of work in progress:
    • DECam crosstalk correction.
      • Results from review; timeline to get them resolved.
      • Review was helpful. Meredith and Colin have been working on this.
      • Now works when run alone, but not through processCcd.
      • We should be able to fix that this afternoon.
    • L1DB.
      • Did Chris get this up & running?
    • Matcher technote.
    • Status of DiffIm:
      • DM-13831 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Talk about this in terms of sprint planning next month.
    • AP pipe refactoring.
      • Update of ap_pipe to CmdLineTask is now done; there was much rejoicing.
      • There are changes to pipe_base which would be useful to support multiple repositories, but John Swinbank not keen to move forward on that until we actually have a requirement for it.
  • Coming next:
    • QA plots. Nothing to discuss.
    • Making ingestion into a task.
    • DM-13875 says we can use SQLite for L1DB — hooray!
  • Eric Morganson struggling with a doc bug in the tutorial — it no longer matches current ap_pipe. Probably worth holding off until docs can be updated.