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The meeting will be colocated with the DM/SE AHM.


Day 1: Thursday 2018-03-08

  • Review outstanding actions
  • Review & adjust agenda

  • Agreed with Gregory Dubois-Felsmann that LSP design documentation can be baselined (nearly) as is, ie going for RFC within the next couple of weeks (addressing outstanding action item).
  • Margaret Gelman: Open a Jira ticket to describe the mechanism by which service status information will be propagated to DM staff, with review by Frossie Economou & John Swinbank.
  • Jeff Kantor: Provide details of the ITRFC or other ITSC documentation which pertains to service catalogues as links on this page. 

ITRFC-3 Consolidate LSST Service Status Pages

ITSC Meeting Notes containing discussion/adoption of Services Catalog database

13:45Development of QA plans
  • We almost certainly want to convene a WG for this.
    • Does the DMLT agree?
    • If so, let's write the charge now.
  • We agreed that we would convene a short-term focused “tiger team” to come up with a plan for potentially more than one WG to split up this work.
  • John Swinbank: Convene a series of calls to come up with a high-level plan for “QA” in the most general sense in the short term, with participation to be agreed between him & Wil O'Mullane.  
14:45Special Programmes
15:05Next to database processingFritz Mueller
16:00Early AuxTel Operations
  • Patrick may dial in on
  • Michael Reuter will join
  • Early AuxTel operations.
    • Requirements for pipeline processing.
    • Delivery timeline of SuperTask, Butler Gen3 and pipelines built atop those, and the schedule for integrating them at the Data Facility.
    • Michael walks though  Early Integration Activities

Main points:

  • Initial compute access via NFS mount from the OODS in the AuxTel Archiver box and (manually) selected data preservation in the LDF production filesystem in Jun 2018 is fine.  Integration of spectrophotometric algorithms, including calibration generation, with the Batch Production Framework can begin with an initial pipeline using the Gen3 SuperTask in Jan 2019, with production operations targeted for Jun 2019.
  • The EFD should be active on the summit in Apr-May 2018 but may be late; the EFD Transformation Service cannot go live until the Base EFD is available (expected Jun 2019) and is not absolutely required until ComCam arrives.
  • Margaret Gelman: Determine with Michael Reuter and Dave Mills whether EFD disaster recovery needs LDF support, especially in the Apr 2018-Jun 2019 single-instance period 
  • Base data center occupancy is expected in Nov 2018, but we will suggest to Chuck Claver that the Commissioning Cluster not be installed until Jun 2019. He should have access to an equivalent "practice" system in the LDF Kubernetes commons until then.
  • The move of the one-box Auxiliary Telescope Archiver from the summit to the Base needs to happen in or before Jun 2019 and needs to be coordinated well since it may cause Auxiliary Telescope downtime.

Day 2: Friday 2018-03-09

09:00Status of LDM-503 milestonesJohn Swinbank
  • Ensure that we are on track for all LDM-503 milestones over the remainder of this year.
  • By the time of the next Joint Status Review, we must have test specifications for every milestone we plan to execute. How do we get there? Need to start handing out homework.

Milestones this year
MilestoneDate (March 2018 BL)NameStatus

Science Platform with WISE data in PDAC 

  • Test spec exists on a branch; will be submitted to CCB ASAP.
  • Test report is being written, aiming to get it completed quickly.



Aux Tel DAQ integration functionality test 

  • Test spec is close to being submitted.
  • Test is done.
  • Test report is not started.



Aux Tel DAQ interface Verification and Spectrograph Operations Rehearsal

  • Discussions ongoing on contents of test given available functionality.
  • Missing functionality can be called out in the test report.
  • Running this end of March.



Alert distribution validation
  • Thinking about this in the Alert Production/UW group. We will be writing a test spec over the next ~month.
  • Needs to run on LDF hardware; will open discussions with the LDF group about how this will happen.
  • We should consider whether any L1 database tests actually happen in this milestone.



DM ComCam interface verification readiness 
  • “This is likely to move later or earlier”.
  • Margaret Gelman & Wil O'Mullane to confirm schedule of this milestone with Michael Reuter.
  • See also LSST-1220, EIA-10, EIA-14.
  • This will be an LDF-produced test spec.



Camera Data Processing
  • This demonstrates that we can run science payloads on camera test stand data.
  • No reason we can't address this soon; ~summer 2018 (just after the joint status review).
  • Goal would be to load and process a full raft; can handle this within the DRP team, and demonstrate access from the science validation instance of the science platform. John Swinbank will coordinate this with Unknown User (xiuqin).
  • May need a further LDM-503 milestone to demonstrate interfaces.


Spectrograph Data Acquisition
  • Intent is to show that we're ready for spectrograph operations on the mountain.
  • Test DM-only systems from archiver box at summit to LDF.
  • We should regard the end point of this milestone as making the data available for processing.
  • Milestone is tied to availability of the archiver box on the mountain; likely means this test actually takes place in January 2018.
  • Wil O'Mullane & Margaret Gelman will roll this in to their LDM-503-06 discussion with Michael Reuter.

2019-01-04 (star)

Ops rehearsal for commissioning #1



DAQ validation

  • Would be valuable to run a full scale data acquisition test later in the schedule than this (Jeff Kantor suggests November 2019 with no alert latency test).
  • Wil O'Mullane will make that happen & update PMCS, LDM-503, appropriately.

(star) LDM-503-09 was scheduled for Nov 2018, but has slipped to 2019 during PMCS ingest; it will likely float forward again as we finesse the milestone loading.

10:00Status of change controlled documentationTim Jenness
  • John Swinbank: Review LDM-562, LDM-602 requirements for Tim Jenness.  
  • Fritz Mueller: Review contents of LDM-552 & check template.  
  • Leanne Guy: Read LDM-502 and decide on the strategy for moving forward.  
  • Fritz Mueller: Land post-LSP-workshop changes to LDM-542 (DM-13724).  
  • Margaret Gelman / Kian-Tat Lim: Draft of new sizing model owned & understood by LDF  
  • All DMLT members: Review spreadsheet of documents for Summer 2018 status review.  
11:00Planning for F18Wil O'Mullane
  • T/CAM or science lead of each team to give ~10 minutes on their plans.
  • Group discussion.
  • Slides:
12:00Review actions & date of next meeting
  • John Swinbank to add the following technical topics to future DMLT telecons:
    • HEALPix/MOCs
    • Metadata (units, UCDs, descriptions, linkages, etc.) by the pipelines
    • Nightly reporting

Attached Documents

  File Modified
PDF File LSST_SpecialPrograms_DESEJTM_2018-01-08.pdf Report on Special Programs: RFC-412 Mar 08, 2018 by Leanne Guy
PDF File 2018-03-09 — Pipelines plans.pdf Mar 12, 2018 by John Swinbank
PDF File LDF_Draft_Plans_Jun-Nov_2018.pdf Mar 18, 2018 by Margaret Gelman
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation SUIT_F18plan.pptx Mar 19, 2018 by xiuqin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation DAX F18 rough plan.pptx Mar 26, 2018 by Fritz Mueller
File Notebook_update.key Apr 23, 2018 by Frossie Economou