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Present: Lauren MacArthurUnknown User (tmorton), Sophie ReedJohn Swinbank (with special guest looming by Robert Lupton).

  • Lauren:
    • Has started work on  DM-11345 - Getting issue details... STATUS . This will be the dataset which forms the basis of the LDM-503-2 milestone, so we'd like to get it nailed down soon so we can provide details to our colleagues in the Data Facility. We agreed to timebox this activity, with the aim of saying that whatever data Lauren has assembled by this time next week becomes the RC, at least for LDM-503-2 purposes.
    • Has been trying to analyse some of her "new RC" data as processed in the earlier S17B HSC PDR1 reprocessing, but ran into problems with files being in the wrong places. Not sure what the issue is here; apparently worked for Unknown User (tmorton). Will investigate further.
    • Is waiting for DESC review of  DM-11452 - Getting issue details... STATUS . A few minor technical hiccoughs, but we hope this will be closed soon. We agreed that providing substantial technical support to DESC is out of scope.
    • DM-12038 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is basically ready to go, but is waiting for DM-11452 to close since it is based on top of it.
  • Tim:
    • Has produced a spatially binned visualization of photometric reproducibility! He cautions that it's a bit slow and not polished, but it looks impressive. He will discuss further with Robert after the end of this meeting.  DM-12071 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Is ready to mark both  DM-12251 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  DM-12381 - Getting issue details... STATUS  as done, but needs to catch up with JIRA admin.
    • After addressing any feedback on DM-12071, he will move on to look at  DM-12252 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
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