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Present: Lauren MacArthurUnknown User (tmorton)Sophie ReedJim BoschJohn Swinbank.

  • DM-11452 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is still in progress.
    • This has been blocked by  DM-12173 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which proved to be more work than anticipated, but has resulted in substantial improvements to the codebase.
    • After DM-12173 is done, DM-11452 should be an “easy” rebase on top of it.
  • DM-11345 - Getting issue details... STATUS  has not been started.
  • DM-10859 - Getting issue details... STATUS  was completed (per the criteria defined on 2017-09-27) a couple of weeks ago, but not marked as done in JIRA. We can fix that today.
  • Spatial binning of metrics (again, as per 2017-09-27) was ticketed as  DM-12071 - Getting issue details... STATUS . This work has not been started.
  • Per meeting of 2017-10-03, catalog matching in Unknown User (tmorton)'s scripts was treated as a priority. Work has started on this on  DM-12251 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
    • Having this competed will be essential for calculating almost all of the metrics.
  • DM-12038 - Getting issue details... STATUS  was started, but more work remains. We agreed to reassign this issue to Lauren MacArthur.
  • Priorities for next week (in order):
    • Lauren MacArthur: DM-12173, DM-11452, DM-11345, DM-12038. Then start thinking about how to actually implement some of the metrics we want to calculate if there's any spare time.
    • Unknown User (tmorton): DM-12251, DM-12071. Tim will be travelling, so will have only limited time.
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