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Please dont change the following page without talking to Srini Chandrasekharan. This page is being used as a specifications document

SPECIFICATIONS for Database Registration process

Workflow Considerations

We will need to consider how database registration (or creation of a product from the Simulator DB that is usable by MAF) will fit into the overall workflow. 

  1.  Do we need to create a separate "pre-processing" codebase?  Should this be incorporated by MAF as part of "processing", or should it be incorporated by the Simulator as "post_processing" to the simulation?
  2. If we keep the "summary_" table in the database will the database become too large at some point?  Do we need to start keeping simulated surveys in separate databases?

  3. How does OpSim best transition from "output_" and SSTAR to "summary_" and MAF without inhibiting productivity (holding up current analysis).

Audiences / Use Cases

  1. OpSim
    1. SSTAR performs "processing" that produces an extra table ("output_", to evolve to "summary_") that is written to a file as well as single-session files that are portable.  
    2. SSTAR acts on the  "output_" table as well as the database as a whole, keeping the "output_" table as an extra table in the database, to generate its output.
    3. If OpSim is to phase out SSTAR, then a new tool needs to be implemented to generate the "summary_" table (and other exported files as specified in Deliverable below) and MAF will have to completely replicate SSTAR.
  2. MAF Team
    1. The starting input is an SQLlite file of the "output_" table (now "summary_"), assuming pre-processing is already completed.
  3. Science Community user 
    1. To date the expectation is that the user will download a "summary_" file from theOpSim Data Access website, install MAF and do analysis. 
    2. Now that the Simulator is open source, if the user creates his/her own simulations, they will also need this pre-processing code before they can use MAF 


  • A new table will be created that is called "summary_machinename_sessionID"
  • Columns will be copies of those from the ObsHistory table along with propConf from Proposal that corresponds with propID
  • Specific columns:


Field in "output_"Field in "ObsHistory"Proposed Fields in "summary_"Notes 
visitTimevisitTimevisitTimeThis should be 34sec but is zero 
visitExpTimevisitExpTimevisitExpTimeThis should be 30 sec but is 34 sec 

actually the illumination; maybe call moonIllumination -

this would mean a change to the Simulator code's use of this field so for the Summary table it will stay the same and get better documentation


moonIllummoonIllummoonIllumrename to a parameter - also means a change to OpSim so better documentation is needed 
fieldIDField_fieldIDfieldIDkey to Field table 
fieldRA fieldRAfrom Field table 
fieldDec fieldDecfrom Field table 
propID propIDkeyed by ObsHistID to ObsHistory_Proposal table 
   omit name of proposal config file from Proposal table 
slewDist slewDistfrom SlewHistory table 
slewTime slewTimefrom SlewHistory table 
5sigma fiveSigmaDepthcalculated (will be used in the future)move to ObsHistory
 perry_skybrightness  calculated (will be used in the future)do in MAF
5sigma_ps  calculated (will be used in the future)do in MAF
skybrightness_modified  calculated (will be used in the future)do in MAF
5sigma_modified  calculated (will be used in the future)do in MAF
hexdithra ditheredRAcalculated (when we have dithering)move to ObsHistory
hexdithdec ditheredDeccalculated (when we have dithering)move to ObsHistory
vertex  calculated (when we have dithering)remove
  • Files to be created
    • ASCII dat  format of the "summary_"  table (already implemented in SSTAR; needs changes above)
    • MySQL .sql format of all OpsimDB tables including "summary_" table for a sessionID (already implemented in SSTAR; needs changes above)
    • MySQL .sql  format of the "summary_" table (already implemented in SSTAR; needs changes above)
    • SQLlite format file containing all tables including "summary_" table




Attendees: Peter, Simon, Kem, Cathy, Lynne, Srini, Steve

  1. Deliverable of Opsim - What should it be?
    1. Both output table & the entire DB in sqlite format + output table in dat format
    2. csv discussion - Deferred
  2. What happens to the additional columns ?
    1. dithra & dithdec etc will be added to preprocessing
    2. extra columns will goto preprocessing


Preprocessing layer which will take as input the OpSim DB and convert that to:

  • Flat dat (output_ table) [already implemented]
  • MySQL .sql (one for all tables including output tables for a sessionID, and one for the output table) - this is already being done phase out
  • Add sqlite file containing (all tables including output_ table)


Meeting Objective

Discuss needs and wants associated with producing content (output) from the Simulator that is usable by both the team and the community, and that will be accessed by MAF.


  1. Generating "extra" columns
    1. 5sigma, perry_skybrightness,5sigma_ps, skybrightness_modified, 5sigma_modified, hexdithra, hexdithdec, vertex
    2. these quantities are not used or required by the Simulator, and philosophically no post-processing should add/change the OpsimDB database, so these are created by in SSTAR.
    3. the "output_machine_id" table is a copy of the ObsHistory table plus the fields in (a)
  2. Sky Brightness models & fields
    1. when a unified model is adopted by the project, it will be added to the Simulator and those fields will be recorded in the ObsHistory table.
    2. the different ways of computing sky brightness have different advantages - skybrightness_modified and 5sigma_modified were developed in an effort represent the "best" value as a combination of the other two.  Here is the description from the SSTAR documentation:


The Operations Simulator uses two methods of calculating the sky brightness at the time of a
visit: OpSimSky and ETCSky.
Before each visit, the sky brightness in the V filter, VskyBright, is evaluated using the
Johnson V band calculated from the Krisciunas and Schaeffer model, with a few modifications.
This model uses the Moon phase, angular distance between the field and the Moon and the
field’s airmass to calculate added brightness to the zero-Moon, zenith sky brightness (e.g.
Krisciunas 1997, PASP, 209, 1181; Krisciunas and Schaefer 1991, PASP, 103, 1033; Benn
and Ellison 1998, La Palma Technical Note 115).
From VskyBright there are two different methods to evaluate the sky brightness in a particular
band. One method is to take measurements of the color of the sky as a function of lunar
phase, and use these to correct VskyBright to a particular filter. This is the approach used for
the OpSim sky brightness, OpSimSky.
An alternate method, ETCSky, is to use sky brightness measurements taken at various
phases of the moon in many filters and calculate empirical fits to the sky brightness in each
band. This method is what has been used to create the LSST Exposure Time Calculator
(ETC) and has the advantage of accounting for the fact that the night sky does not behave
similarly in all bands by including the angular dependence as a function of filter bandpass.
The plots and tables in this document report the sky brightness from the ETCSky method.


  1. Who are we creating the "output" for?  should OpSim/MAF be accessing the DB directly? what about community users?
  2. What information is needed by OpSim (all tables), and the community (just ObsHistory?)  
  3. Do we need one "materialized" table for simplicity or can all tables be distributed in one file?
  4. What does SSTAR use?  (not output*)
  5. While extensibility and inter-backend-operability is key for MAF what would be the ideal input format?
  6. How do you include proposal information?  Are duplicate rows acceptable?


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