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Cross Platform

  • Compiling some packages – in particular afw – requires a large amounts of RAM. This is compounded as the system will automatically attempt to parallelize the build, and can cause the build to run extremely slowly or fail altogether. On machines with less than 8 GB of RAM, disable parallelization by setting EUPSPKG_NJOBS=1 in your environment before running eups distrib.
  • The installation of Boost fails when using the Enthought Canopy Python distribution. The issue and a work-around are described here. (Note that this issue has so far only been reported on OS X, but there's no reason to imagine it does not apply to other platforms.)  DM-812 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Red Hat (and clones) specific:

Older platforms:

  • Not a bug as such, but if you have a problem building on RHEL 6 check the Pre-requisites  notes to make sure sure you are using a more recent version of gcc (minimum required is 4.8)
  • curl looks for certificates in /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt rather than /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt. The solution is to copy ca-certificates.crt to ca-bundle.crt as explained at Building the LSST Stack from Source

OSX specific:

New versions:

  • El Capitan came out after our testing period, and there are known issues (eg. DM-3200 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) that will be addressed in the next release.

Older platforms:

  • Some old installations of XCode on Macs create a /Developer directory.  This can interfere with installation.
  • Macs must use the clang compiler, not gcc DM-3405 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • One version of this problem occurs when using Macports, which, by default, will create a symlink from /opt/local/bin/c++ to its version of g++. Try removing that, starting a new shell, and restarting eups distrib install.
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