This space is obsolete and unmaintained.


  • Overview and goals
  • Moving obs_decam under the LSST umbrella  DM-357 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Data and directory structure at NCSA (currently on /lsst8/decam/)
  • How do we deal with the DECam mapping of CP InstCal, DES InstCal, and raw data?
  • Does a skymap already exist for DECam?
  • What are the processing steps that exist now (and we should run) for AP and DRP?
    • bias
    • cross-talk, LSST/HSC stack only does for amps on the same chip 
    • artifact masking
    • linearity correction
    • flat field
    • fringe correction
    • WCS/astrometry
    • pupil ghost removal
    • illumination correction
    • how many of those are already implemented in the stack, and how many do we need to develop from scratch?
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