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LDM-240 Goals for FY15

The LDM-240 goals specified for FY15 under the 02C.04 WBS are:

WBS 02C.04.01 (App framework for catalogs)

  • Development in support of use cases utilizing catalog data


WBS 02C.04.03 (PSF Estimation)

  • Improved PSF estimation and interpolation (Kriging interpolation)
  • Integration of wavefront estimation code into the DM stack

Suggested replanning

"Improved PSF estimation and interpolation (Kriging interpolation)" moved to FY17 and replaced with "Estimation of PSF variation across the full focal plane (single solution)" from FY17.

WBS 02C.04.06 (Object Characterization)

  • Greedy optimizer for multi-epoch data

  • Multi-epoch extended source fits
  • Micro-optimized MultiFit model evaluation code

Suggested replanning

Astrometric and Photometric Calibration Pipelines (02C.03.07 & 02C.03.08) are currently assigned to UW in FY18+. DRP will likely need a subset of this functionality much sooner than that. Perhaps we can "adopt" part of those tasks, or encourage the UW folks to reprioritize so that the they are addressed sooner.

HSC work which will be carried out in S15 which we can port to LSST


Outline S15 epics

Rough priority listing:

  1. Finish measurement framework overhaul
  2. Deblender
  3. Galaxy fitting
  4. Multi-Fit plugin framework
  5. PSF estimation
  6. Photometric/astrometric calibration pipelines

We'll likely have to schedule a ~20 SP epic for toolchain enhancements (GitHub migration, etc).

(Strike-through: deferred for this cycle)

EpicSP estiamteAssigneesNote
DM-191020AllBugs & papercuts bucket
DM-191120AllBugs & papercuts bucket
DM-191220AllBugs & papercuts bucket

WBS 02C.04.01 (App framework for catalogs)

EpicSP estimateAssigneesNote
DM-176723Bosch (40%), Swinbank (60%)afw::table improvements; roll-over from DM-1099 + some new work
DM-110738Bosch (10%), Swinbank (90%)Footprint improvements. Rolls over from W15.


WBS 02C.04.03 (PSF estimation)

EpicSP estimateLikely assignees(s)Note
DM-190940Swinbank (100%)PSF estimation
(not yet created)? Wavefront estimation (deferred unless somebody wants to take this up)

WBS 02C.04.06 (Object Characterization)

EpicSP estimateLikely assignee(s)Note
DM-8531Bosch (10%)Rolling over from W15.
DM-190760MacArthur (50%), Price (50%)Porting from HSC and other deblender infrastructure
DM-1908?MacArthur (100%)LSST deblender development
DM-1768/6922Gee (70%), Bosch (30%)Rolled over stores from the W15 measurement framework reworking + some new work. DM-1768 contains low priority miscellanea and doesn't need to be scheduled this cycle, but DM-1769 should be.
DM-106930 (provisional)Gee (100%)Measurement unit tests. Depends on DM-1102 (SQuaRE).
DM-110896Gee (75%), Bosch (25%)Galaxy Fitting - Shear Precision Experiments. Needs support from GalSim folks (Krughoff?)
DM-1111?New C++ developer if availableGalaxy Fitting - Micro Optimization. Not essential for our development goals to address this epic in this cycle, but may be necessary to inform hardware choices. Check with Mario.
DM-111060BoschGalaxy Fitting - Sampling Algorithm Plugin
DM-110920BoschDesign MultiFit plugin framework. Rolled over from W15. Depends on updated Butler (or we stub in our own temporary Butler-alike hack, which would be less than ideal).
(not yet created)50GeeImplement MultiFit plugin framework.

Total SP allocations

NameAvailability SPsAllocated SPsNote


58Scientist, leader, 0.8 time
Gee78970.5 time
Lupton36106 SPs per month
MacArthur12659 + Undefined (deblender)Scientist

Scientist, 0.2 time

Swinbank8498Scientist, leader

Agreed with HSC to split Bosch/Price 80/20 through this cycle.


Dependencies on other groups

SQuaRE: DM-1102, required for our DM-1069.

UW: DM-85. Astrometric & photometric self-calibration (which specific issues do these block?).

Middleware/Butler: DM-1109, multifit, etc.

To Do

  • Agree plan for DM-85 with UW group
  • Agree plan for DM-1102 with SQuaRE
  • Agree plan for astrometry/photometry pipelines with UW group
  • Discuss shifting measurement epics to 02C.04.06 with Jeff/Kevin
  • What work will be addressed by HSC during S15 that we can claim partial credit for?
  • Determine status of wavefront estimation code & consider an epic to integrate that with DM stack (02C.04.03)
  • Agree allocation of Price/Bosch with HSC
  • Estimate SPs for epics remaining above
  • Question for Jeff/Kevin: For epics which we have only started to address in W15, should we close them down and create new epics for S15, or just carry the same epic over?
  • Discuss timescale on which DM-1111 is required to inform hardware choices.


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