DM-1033 (Metadata Store design, 45 SP, Oct/Nov/Dec):

  • research available off-the-shelf systems, basic design (DM-1254)
  • extract metadata from FITS headers and persist in mysql database (DM-1255)
  • improve basic design, pick technology to experiment with (DM-1256)
  • integrate persisting metadata from FITS headers with DataCat (DM-1257)
  • experiment / research in more depth DataCat (including foreign tables) (DM-1584)
  • research options for writing FITS headers (DM-1584)

DM-1149 (Metadata Store prototyping, 45 SP, Dec/Jan/Feb):

  • robust prototype, integrated with cat and db modules (DM-1610)
  • experiment with foreign tables: qserv-based image metadata + L3 image metadata + metadata about data sets (DM-1611)
  • integrate with SUI (DM-1627)

DM-1034 (Image and File Archive, 30 SP, Dec/Jan):

  • research off-the-shelf solutions for harvesting metadata (DM-1609)
  • develop web form for capturing metadata about existing data sets
  • develop mysql-based backend for capturing metadata about existing data sets
  • develop automatic extraction of metadata for data sets users register

DM-1051 (Image Cutout Service, 19 SP, Jan/Feb):

  • define and implement basic UI
  • implement rebuilding FITS headers based on info from Metadata Store
  • implement simple image cutout, based on butler
  • integrate with SUI


  • DM-1033 + DM-1149 + DM-1034: alpha version of system for capturing metadata about existing data sets (web form with mysql-backend, automatic metadata extraction from fits headers, all info stored in mysql on lsst10) 
  • DM-1051: simple image cutout service that returns a cutout of requested image (one images per request)
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