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  • Mario reported that the old DM mailing list have been moved and/or reconfigured
    • lsst-data was split into dm-announce and dm-devel
    • Read his emails sent to list: lsst-data on "Retiring LSST-data" for more info.
  • Frossie has been consumed with the reorganization and rebundling of the repos. She had 5 packages whose destiny still needed to be cleared up:
    1. 'ap': It is really not being used currently other than by one of Dick's tutorials on cradle-to-grave use of SDSS data. K-T suggested that it go on the list for future removal. In the interim, it was decided that it should go into 'ip' repo.
    2. 'cat': Given a choice of 'daf' or 'ctrl', it was decided it should be placed in 'ctrl' repo.
    3. 'devenv/buildFiles': Jim said it is still being used by HSC. Once HSC adopts 'eupspkg' the 'buildfiles' package is superfluous. It was recommended that it go into the 'legacy' repo. RHL: This is HSC-535.
    4. 'devenv/build': Mario said the only active file in the package is 'newinstall'; he recommends moving that one file elsewhere and moving the rest of the contents into the 'legacy' repo. 'Newinstall' will be moved into 'lsstsw' package. Either Mario or Frossie will do that move.
    5. 'pipe_tasks': Frossie said there was a desire to rename the package to either 'lsst_pipe_tasks' or 'lsst_tasks'. Whatever it is named, it will into 'ip' repo.
  • Frossie has been too consumed on other tasks to cut the W2015 Release.
  • Jim just returned from Japan; he hasn't had time to check in with Perry to hear about his recent sprint progress.
  • Jim and Simon decided that the current sprint will be closed on Monday.
    • Jim has started to put together a plan for the new sprint. The new sprint is already created on the Board (but can't be started until the old one is closed).
    • Simon will talk with Russell to flesh out their tasks for the new sprint.
    • This new sprint will be 4 weeks long.
  • SImon mentioned that Perry had been assigned DM-1439 - Getting issue details... STATUS by Robert.
  • Simon said there were no blockers.
    • He realized that he had seriously overbooked himself on this last sprint – he had 50 stroy points lined up. Lesson has been learned.
    • Russell didn't finish everything; they realized mid-sprint that some of the tasks were much more difficult than expected. There will be tasks for which they are late. (Scribe: Their solution was discussed at the last meeting and later email by Jeff K.)
  • K-T posted the last two MW meetings' notes to lsst-data.
  • K-T is hopeful that the CD2 crunch is mostly over so that he be able to get back working on buildbot.
  • He also mentioned that the SAT design deep dives have been postponed until Feb 2015. He will still work on them but it will take less of his time.
  • Jacek posted on Confluence the minutes from his team's hangout. 
    • Things are more or less on schedule. He is pushing one of the tasks to November since the implementation is not finished. Everything else is on track and will be closed. 
    • Jacek said the team was very cautious when planning this sprint.
  • One new activity is getting the packages up for the non-database work - the image archive, the data archive, the metadata services, etc.
    • He's thinking now about the overall structure for this work since a new person is coming on board on Monday and will most likely be working on this effort. 
    • This work will eventually turn into a kind of Qserv-type services for images and metadata.
    • If anyone has any suggestions, let Jacek know. 
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