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September 16, 2014 12:00-2:00 PDT

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Discussion Items


DM-721 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; can this be marked complete?

  • Need to get rid of ancient stuff
  • Production service for development
  • Lab resources for testing, for NCSA and others
  • Things supporting buildbot are too slow
  • No one uses HTCondor cluster
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Database may need more disk over more CPU
  • Send known requests to Don directly
  • If local hardware is needed, talk to Jeff
Action RequestKTL

DM-934 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; with update, can this be recommended?

  • Still undecided, need to figure out if we can use super in a way that is compatible with both Python 2 and 3 simultaneously (six style).
Action RequestJacek

DM-1009 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; with DM-1180 - Getting issue details... STATUS , can this be recommended?

  • RHL abstains, SAT recommends.
Action RequestKTL

DM-1056 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Dick: what is position of tools that are useful for looking at results?
  • Frossie: prefer not to bundle ds9; hard to keep in sync with upstream
  • RHL: do use ds9 in a fairly integrated fashion, but not tenable in the long run
  • Frossie: should have agnostic interface with drivers/adapters
  • RHL: SCAMP is probably not good enough, though
  • Either help you install it or just point to Web site
  • Xiuqin: also prefer not to bundle, since will be replacing eventually; not hard for users to get it on their own
  • Dick: many packages might fall into this category of "useful with stack but not required"
    • Want policy for future, but not really a big issue right now; documentation already says to download yourself
    • Better error messages might help
  • Recommendation: packages for optional features that are tightly integrated and expected to remain so should be distributed; packages even if tightly integrated that are not expected to remain so should not be distributed.
Action RequestMario

DM-1181 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-1182 - Getting issue details... STATUS , DM-1183 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Jacek: When to use u/ and when to use tickets/?
  • KTL: Use tickets/ most times; u/ only if ticket branch is shared with multiple people
  • Simon: Need a training program for existing and new developers
    • Jacek: A quick reference page is helpful
    • Simon: More than just an E-mail and web page required; lecture video might help
    • KTL: Beef up code review process to provide training
  • Recommendation: approve all three; training program needs to be developed but is not a prerequisite

Status of GitHub testing

  • Looks pretty good so far, no show-stoppers
  • Lack of "approve" button in pull request is disappointing
  • Simon: How are comments handled when commits are squashed?
    • Need to experiment
  • Jacek: Look into setting up similar mirror with Stash to experiment there?
    • But Stash would always have the disadvantage of not being "public"
    • So don't do that for now
  • GPDF: Other subsystems are interested, but looking for us to lead
  • Recommendation: move to GitHub when practicable, in coordination with other subsystems
    • Write a document giving reasons for moving and preferring GitHub to Stash
    • Write up a transition plan

Add comments to Jim's reorganization page

Design Deep DiveKTL

DM-35 - Getting issue details... STATUS Initial introduction

  • Take out 30-day precovery issue; only happens during the day (KTL misread LSE-163)
  • Add a mention that ForcedDiaSources are gone, but forced DiaSources may need to be flagged

1 Comment

  1. The syntax used for super in python 2 will work in python 3 ( says "Please note, that we used super()) without arguments. This is only possible in Python3. We could have written "super(Employee, self).__init__(first, last, age)" which still works in Python3 and is compatible with Python2.")