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News, announcements and task review

Welcome to Erik Dennihy

Bugs, issues, topics, etc of the week

  • JSON/lsst.verify NaN issue in faro was resolved by turning faro off.  We need to
    • a) get a new validation dataset in place and turn it back on and
    • b) work out how to deal with NaN in reporting to squash (we will have to deal with NaN) 
  • validate_drp is also failing due to NaN. Recommend leaving to pipelines to decide what to do as they are still using it for G2/3 parity testing. 
  • RFC-793 : use PyTest in science pipelines. Support! We don't have enough unit tests in faro.

Failure due to a change in json reader. Python requests model does not want shape invaild json over http. The datasets being used for validate_drp. Don't compute valid metrics due to changes in implementation. Disable in nighly builds. Longer term solution is to develop a better CI dataset.

Should we stop using NaN as a sentinel value when attempted to compute the metric but insufficient data.

Multiple issues

  • Transport layer
  • Do we want to have more classes of failure status? For example:
    • Not enough data
    • Algorithm failed
  • What happens when NaN goes to influxDB? Currently treats as those metrics do not exist.

There is a distinction between visualization and what is stored in the database. NaN do not show up as entries in table in Chronograph. We want to be aware of results when.

  • Jeffrey Carlin make a proposal to define failure status for metrics.  

Are we concerned that we do not currently have valid metrics values from nightly CI to look on dashboard? Breakages are on CI, not RC2 dataset. Currently thinking about the nightly CI mainly for checking breakages, not looking at performance for nightly CI. We do care about this for larger datasets.

Simon has been compiling larger dataset that could be a middle ground.

Simon met with DRP folks. Once Dan Taranu is back from vacation, create dashboard for DRP metrics monitoring meeting. This should change soon. faro development group may need to help with dashboard creation.

Reprocessing status and metrics review  

Dashboards can be found here:

Monthly reprocessing: 

w30 processing in progress. Few errors. Mostly done. Metrics should have been calculated, but are not yet being displayed on a dashboard

  • Jeffrey Carlin Check with Yusra on status of faro dashboard for RC2  
Development status 
  • Fall 2021 epic  DM-30748 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Backlog epic:  DM-29525 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • DM-26214 - Getting issue details... STATUS   : there has been a  lot of discussion on this PR. Summarize the main takeaways
    • Add DM license preamble to all python files
      • DM-31135 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Started this for all the files touched so far
    • Create / improved doc strings
    • Homogenize run method signatures across all the measurement tasks. Suggest in general to inherit run method from CatalogMeasurementBaseTask base class, which can accept and pass keyword arguments. We should avoid passing dataIds to measurement tasks were possible. For example, we can use FilterLabel or list of FilterLabels instead of passing the dataIds if we just need to know which bands are being used.
    • Added most of the utility for loading external reference catalogs into the CatalogMeasurementBaseTask base class
    • Add unit tests for task code in faro
    • Use consistent DM class naming convention for base classes
      • DM-31136 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Started this
    • Development of reference catalog loading capability in faro with proper configuration options led to discovery and resolution of a bug in LoadReferenceCatalogTask. Thanks to Eli.

Next meeting  

List of tasks (Confluence)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Leanne Guy to talk to Science Pipelines (Yusra) about when do this transfer  
19 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-09-28 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Leanne Guy arrange to disucss at a future meeting if there are metrics from PDR3 & this paper that we might want to include in faro.   
26 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-08-31 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin to ask about capturing ideas for improvement to the stellar locus algorithm   
30 Nov 2021 2021-11-09 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin Slater to make a preliminary draft agenda for a workshop to clarify visualization use cases for science verification and validation
Colin Slater2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Jeffrey Carlin to review metric specification package organization and the relationship to formal requirements documents
Jeffrey Carlin2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol Schedule a time to have focused discussion on verification package, potentially next status meeting
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol to make a ticket to better understand mapping of these camera and calibration products characterization efforts to verification documents and the focus of these efforts. Discuss with the SCLT
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes