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  11:00 PDT



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Discussion items


ItemWhoPre-Meeting NotesNotes and  Action Items
Project/Science Updates


  • JSR Charge now circulated. JDR is 3 days, JSR is 4 days. There will be less breakout time. 
  • Revision of the baseline given the slippage in getting a contractor on site (they are on site now) and strong  focus on Camera/MIE 
  • Steve advised that non-Camera subsystem can update slide decks from the June review. 

The Roman RFI for community input on surveys in the first 2 Year's of operation s that Julie McEnery mentioned at the :

  • PST/Zeljko is talking about putting in a proposal to observe the LSST footprint in 1 band. Roman has advantage of increased angular resolution and extended wavelength coverage. 
  • Lots of papers on this topic were submitted as part of Astro2020 report due soon. Expectation that it will say that joint processing and strong cooperation btw Roman and Rubin is waranted. 

U-band filter mounting is expected now for mid-September. As-built filter meets all Camera requirements, there is however  one anomolous characteristic concerning the radial spatial dependence of the integrated transmissiom. Memo LPM-421 describes this  non-uniformity and that it is acceptable.

PCW debrief All 

Summary of PCW and any topics that arose that are of relevance to DM Science. 

Create tickets for any issues so that we can review them at a future meeting. 

  • Will we make single-exposure source catalogs (even with just a few columns -- ra, dec, psfMag) available where templates are absent? (Mario in early science) DM-15307 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Remaining RSP tickets from FDR

What do we need to do to closeout these remaining recommendations? Some require some SST investigation. Close-out means having a plan to  address the recommendation, no that the work is done.  

LIT-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-572 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-569 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-566 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-555 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-554 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LIT-553 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LIT-552 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • LIT-573: Qserv has a max radius of 1arcmin in which to do correlations. Resources required scale strongly with the radius size so changing it has consequences. Closeout: Need to test that the parquet based solution can support scales larger than 1 arcmunite and leave the Qserv as is. To discuss withColin Slater
  • LIT-572:  Sampling with/out replacement is a scientific question we need to answer and then do tests to see how this will work. 
  • LIT-570: Film strip of a single source through all the epochs.Define the service, do a performane study when a prototype is available. Exercise the prototype as part of DP1 and then make a recommendation to Operations on how to proceed. Using FITS is an implenation detail and will not guarantee that all. Closeout: Update DMTN-139 and recommend DP1 strategy 
  • LIT-569: We are not yet committed to Dask. The field is rapidly evolving, we have not yet put Dask under high-load pressure. Does the UW team have a sense of the issues involved with running Spark on a large scale? Need to ask Colin. Project adjacnet people / LINCC team are closely studing altenatives. There are tradeoffs, strict conrol will result in  idle resources.   Closeout:  We will continue to pursue Dask and rest it in the DPs. In parallel we will follow the work on other project related activities on other tools.  
  • LIT-552: Object means DRP Object tables. DIAObject can be handled by the Broker teams. Will we do this? general concensus is that we must.  Compelling case to avoid inefficent use of resources by the community. This will be an upscope!  We would do  N→ M neighbours and not try to a 1-1 mapping. Purely positional or maybe more intelligent to match other observable?  Gaia/SDSS do it. LSST is harder. Needed  for commmissioning.  Keith Bechtol requested  to define what kind of tables would best support the commisioning process for QA  and understand the behaviour of the instrument and give a summary in six weeks,  define list of catalogs and prioritize. Important to also defined the number of columns (1 or 100). Want to understand which size is the driving term - ours or the other catalog. Can become open ended so need to justify the choices of catalogThen we can think about how to implement, possibly outsource to a team. GPDF: schema and soze of resulting tables. How they get filled in (algorithm) does not have to be decided initially. 
  • LIT-554: Closeout: Yes we will continue to add tools, built an extensible system. 
  • LIT-555: Closeout: Finish this, perhaps just use a P1/2 to enter ops/after ops. 
  • LIT-566: Simon Krughoff follow up and get a response.  
task review
  • Source & DIASource table colum review:  Biggest challenge is around model selction. AP is working to the DPDD tables. RHL wants to get on-sky data before making a decision.  Can revisit the choices when we have on-sky data. Eric:  limitation is not so much the on-sky data but the science use of the data, e.g DIA Source data on precursor data could give us good input.  Not certain the dipole columns are going to be useful at all. 

Next meeting is   . Due to the JSR, the   will be brought forward a week to  .

List of SST tasks (Confluence)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Robert Lupton Clarify the meaning of time in the object table. 1 sentence description in sdm_schemas, can link to a short DMTN.  Update 2022-02-09: Meeting to resolve this on 2022-02-21  
28 Feb 2022Robert Lupton2018-11-05 DM SST F2F Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann check if SDM standardization is adequately represented in project documents, and whether DMTN-067 should be required.
31 Mar 2022Gregory Dubois-Felsmann2022-02-14 DM-SST Virtual F2F Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Eric Bellm to wrap this proposal into an upcoming large RFC for  APDB changes (see also DM-37693)  
28 Feb 2023Eric Bellm2023-01-30 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
28 Feb 2023Leanne Guy2023-01-23 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch Create an RFC the proposed ShearObject table (once ES has had a chance to comment)   RFC-921
13 Mar 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Leanne Guy talk to Steve R about presenting plans for the ShearObject table to PST and SciCollab chairs   
20 Mar 2023Leanne Guy2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
31 Mar 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch follow up with Strong Lensing people on the suitability of this work for strong lensing ( WL cluster people)   
31 Mar 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-13 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch Understand the usage patterns  for the ShearObject catalogs   
30 Apr 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-13 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Leanne Guy  talk to Gregory Dubois-Felsmann to review the original intent of the AFS-related Portal requirements before deciding on a course of action  
29 May 2023Leanne Guy2023-05-01 DM-SST Focus Meeting - Brokers in Commissioning
  • Leanne Guy Prepare to consult the PST on the question of providing compressed PVIs for AP outputs, to cover the period before the data become available in a DR.  
02 Jun 2023Leanne Guy2023-03-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch Incorporate 30-60 day period for raws on disk into the strawman proposal and present to KT  
26 Jun 2023Jim Bosch2023-05-08 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Parker Fagrelius Patrick Ingraham  how long will it take to do a scan as described? No need to scan the whole WL range but will require additional points outside nominal lambda range.  
30 Jun 2023Parker Fagrelius2023-03-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
31 Jul 2023Colin Slater2023-07-10 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Eli Rykoff , Leanne Guy  Develop a proposal for what calibration processing, hardware, data we actually need and what will be needed for DR1. This has implications for the ORR and for prioritisation of work in commissioning  
31 Jul 2023Eli Rykoff2023-01-30 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Yusra AlSayyad will look to see if there is any effort to help on option 1  
28 Aug 2023Yusra AlSayyad2023-08-14 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Leanne Guy Schedule follow up of these topics at the SST in future   
28 Aug 2023Leanne Guy2023-08-14 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Jim Bosch  Provide a physical example of that a  up on cell table would look like fo the Colin Slater / DAX team to review  
31 Aug 2023Jim Bosch2023-02-27 DM-SST Agenda and Meeting Notes
  • Eric Bellm Leanne Guy discuss with Broker teams what it means to scientifically validate a Broker.    
11 Dec 2023Eric Bellm2023-05-01 DM-SST Focus Meeting - Brokers in Commissioning