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Discussion items


ItemWhoPre-Meeting NotesNotes and  Action Items
Update status, task review
  • Keith spoke to Eric, he has a working prototype of a deterministic N-way matcher.
  • Suggest  that he present this at a meeting in 2 weeks 2021-05-25 - Keith will coordinate.
  • Does it handle percolation, matching 3 out of 6? What about handling the edges of patches and tracts where the deblender did different things
  • Try to build a list of questions in advance 
  • Possibly an infitite amount of work - will not do all. Let's be clear about what we want
Bugs, issues, etc of the weekAll Review of any issues that have come up during the week with faro and metric computation 

DM-30109 - Getting issue details... STATUS  – a couple bugs made it into faro when I (Jeff) rebased DM-29841. This ticket is to fix those (after w_2021_14 RC2 runs of faro are finished).

Do we need to schedule time for Tim to walk us through proper rebase/merge procedures?

  • Next time there is a problem, note the commands, 
Status of reprocessing 

Problems  running  faro on the w_2021_14 (RC2)  with external calibrations. : 

  • Faro running, last tract should finish today. 
  • Have to run faro in pieces due to lack of memory issues. Next time run in batch not on the dec cluster head nodes. Is there a technical blocker to run in BPS? Not that we know of but ?? Hand over to Monika after. 
  • BPS running is in the dev guide or ask middleware support. 
  • Faro will not run on w_18 - need updates to the external calibrations - wait for weekly 19?
  • Pushing to squash - need to run something. Results will be in different collections. Need to create a job file for each collection.  - Simon will post instructions. Need to register for a token to push to squash. Add appropriate tags to not mess up other dashboards. Sandbox API endpoint for experiments. 
  • Need to create a faro RC2 and DC2 dashboard. Different dashboards for different datasets. Templating can be used as well. Most useful to template on tract. 
  • Automation! CI is automated.
Development status 

Review progress on the current development epic DM-26993 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Backlog epic: 

DM-29525 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Documentation skeleton available. Keith and Leanne starting to populate these documentation pages.
  • Created tickets to use external calibrations in various contexts. May not be needed.
  • Next meeting 2021-05-18
    • One-off conflict for Keith
  • Following up on external reference catalogs discussion from last week, Eli has in his May workplan to generalize the interface used in FGCM such that it could be applied in faro and other packages. DM-30054 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Suggest Eric Charles to present matching algorithm on 25 May. This would give some time to advertise and see if others want to provide input on matching strategy.
  • Keith BechtolConfirm 25 May with Eric Charles. Advertise on relevant slack channels. 

RHL: Lots of time series from the calibration work and outputs from CP pipeline.   Is chronograph the right tool for visualization.  InfluxDB is fine as a store.  Overlap with faro goals as well for visualization Discuss on Friday at Patrick's meeting. 

JC: NBreport: . Stale and has not been touched for a few year. Could we use this for the CMR or data quality reports. Plans to revive in the summer.

RHL: Would like to use this for summit work. Needs something in place on the 1 month timescale

  • Simon KrughoffProvide a status on the direction of NB report   

KB: AO for community engagement in commissioning. Reframing to specific about the areas of contribution that can be provided, e.g, tooling, drill-down, algorithmic contributions. Draft on the timescale of the next few weeks. Tooling for visualization could be of interest to this group, clarification on requirements on shape/shear measurement, blending. 

List of SST tasks (Confluence)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Leanne Guy to talk to Science Pipelines (Yusra) about when do this transfer  
19 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-09-28 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Leanne Guy arrange to disucss at a future meeting if there are metrics from PDR3 & this paper that we might want to include in faro.   
26 Oct 2021Leanne Guy2021-08-31 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin to ask about capturing ideas for improvement to the stellar locus algorithm   
30 Nov 2021 2021-11-09 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Colin Slater to make a preliminary draft agenda for a workshop to clarify visualization use cases for science verification and validation
Colin Slater2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Jeffrey Carlin to review metric specification package organization and the relationship to formal requirements documents
Jeffrey Carlin2022-04-19 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol Schedule a time to have focused discussion on verification package, potentially next status meeting
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes
  • Keith Bechtol to make a ticket to better understand mapping of these camera and calibration products characterization efforts to verification documents and the focus of these efforts. Discuss with the SCLT
Keith Bechtol2021-09-14 Science Metric Development Agenda and Meeting notes