This page is a "sandbox" to capture initial ideas of metrics that we may potentially want to implement in `faro` (or elsewhere in DM workflows). This page is intended as a place to capture ideas, so the suggestions can have whatever level of detail you like. Once we decide to move forward with them, we will create Jira tickets and think through implementation details more carefully.

MetricNotes and CommentsStatus

Like PA1 but better. PA1 as defined in the SRD is a simple photometric repeatability; it may be more useful to calculate the repeatability after removing the expected statistical contribution to the RMS scatter.

Update TE<X> to use per-visit and coadd quantities

LSR-REQ-0124 (per-visit) and LSR-REQ-0123, LSR-REQ-0125 (full survey). This was also an outcome of the SST review.

More useful PSF modeling and shape/shear metrics

2-point correlation function of PSF residuals.  Rowe/rho statistics. In progress. This was also an outcome of the SST revi

Compute a median colour

Extension of ADx metrics definitionCalculate the fraction of outliers as a function of position on the sky.  We can “repurpose” the same calculation that is currently being done for ADx-es to do this on smaller spatial scales?Suggestion from dm-sst meeting
Implement all Rowe statistics

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