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Bluejeans / 462820406



  • Current readiness
  • Level set expectations among the principals 

Discussion items

5minLockdownFrom - Giovanni "Coquimbo and La Serena will be on Mandatory Quarantine starting Wednesday 22:00 pm - Official information from Chile Ministry of Health"

  • Data came through archiver - but not ingested correctly
  • now fixed and ingested with weekly 30
  • OODS may be better - not to be central to this but woudl be good to try. (Thats on weekly 22)
    • Steve can go to any version - thinking 29.
  • Better transfer rate on Friday as well - about an hour to ingest minute or 2 per exposure
  • Michelle ensures we were using LHN and compression.
    • some packet drops being worked on.
  • Data taking will be 7am PT - 10am Chile (Kevin could do it perhpas)
    • may switch to afternoon before (avoid lockdown).
    • SO take data in a few hours today...

Action items