Tim Jenness Steve Pietrowicz Michelle Gower Unknown User (npease) Mikolaj Kowalik Monika Adamow Andy Salnikov Unknown User (gruendl) Dino Bektesevic Jim Bosch


  • Tim Jenness : Did manage to write documentation on storage classes and assemblers. Not quite done with formatters. Worked on making sphgeom pip installable.
  • Michelle Gower : Successful run with postgres. RC2 conversion went well. Takes about 4 hours still.
  • Unknown User (npease) : pipetask usage with click is really tricky. Logging in unit tests is a pain as well since it changes global state. Writing a context manager. Chaining is a good solution.
  • Andy Salnikov : No progress on versioning. Had to switch to other projects.
  • Jim Bosch : Good progress on optimizing query system to use temporary tables. Cleaning up history and tests. Out for review early next week. Calibration look ups are the next high priority.
  • Nate Lust : Not much progress on quantum graph changes.
  • Steve Pietrowicz : Merged gen3 into OODS. Not yet possible to run gen2 and gen3 simultaneously. September/October is probably fine for that.
  • Mikolaj Kowalik : New version of buffer manager will work with gen2 and gen3 simultaneously.



  • Unknown User (mbutler) has been discussing with Hsin-Fang Chiang her batch processing tools. Agreed they are throw away and can later look at improvements to bps. Fermi looking at doing a small gen2 to gen3 conversion at NCSA. Work with Fermi on BPS in the future.
  • Unknown User (gruendl) :  RFC-699 - Getting issue details... STATUS  – This RFC is not promising that a butler that works for DR5 will work with DR4 and DR3. Jim Bosch is stating that DMCCB is always involved when registry compatibility is changed. We all tend to agree. Hope that DMCCB does not require support for N versions where N > 2.
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