Tim Jenness Mikolaj Kowalik Robert Gruendl Michelle Gower Unknown User (mbutler) Andy Salnikov Monika Adamow Jim Bosch Unknown User (npease) Unknown User (cs2018) Nate Lust


  • Tim Jenness : Formatter write parameters and FITS compression enabled. Switch PropertySet/List to YAML. Reorganize datastore external file ingest to care about file extension.
  • Jim Bosch : Fixes for postgres for Michelle Gower . Speeding up bulk database fetches to use bulk APIs. Pandas dependency coming to help this.
  • Andy Salnikov : Butler registry attribute version. (metadata vs schema overload configuration).
  • Unknown User (npease) : Added query-dataset-types and query-collections. Doing some clean up this week. Thinking about query dimensions.
  • Michelle Gower : Condor sort of works now. Boost is too old. Problems interfacing with NCSA at conda boundary. Postgres run worked but there are some warning messages. Found 32-bit int problem in postgres. Simon Krughoff running into some issues with quantum graph generation taking a long time. Jim Bosch will contact him to see if there are some obvious tweaks to the query that could be made.
  • Steve Pietrowicz : Did do some experimenting with OODS Gen 3.
  • Nate Lust : Nothing to report.


  • Jim Bosch : Changes to query methods. Want a method to query dimension records: such as "give me all the visit information".
  • Tim Jenness : Add ingest time to registry?
  • Andy Salnikov : Continuing on attributes versioning.
  • Unknown User (npease) : ctrl_mpexec clean up of pipetask if waiting on Jim for query dimensions.
  • Michelle Gower : Had a problem with  DM-25379 - Getting issue details... STATUS  : Nate Lust thinks he has a fix and will take on that ticket.
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