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Tim Jenness Michelle Gower Robert Gruendl Monika Adamow Christopher Stephens Andy Salnikov Mikolaj Kowalik Nate Lust Michelle Butler John Parejko


  • Tim Jenness : Presented status at DMLT vF2F. We are trying to find some effort from AP/DRP. Robert Gruendl actioned to determine the success criterion for the DM-DAX-12 (feature parity) and DM-DAX-13 (gen2 deprecation) milestones. A Gen3 ci_lsst would be really helpful. Need to sort out exposureId/visit distinction for LATISS testing.
  • Robert Gruendl started a dialog with DRP over ctrl_pool vs BPS.
  • Andy Salnikov : Fixed documentation in pipetask. ( DM-23635 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). Hoping  RFC-648 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is adopted this week.
  • Jim Bosch : RFC-663 implementation.
  • John Parejko : DECam testing is ongoing with gen2to3. Issue with reference catalogs. Testing with ci_hsc_gen2 conversion. Some discussion over inplace conversion (which should work). Imminent.
  • Michelle Gower : ci_hsc_gen3 still works with Oracle.
    • Jim Bosch we do have test code in daf_butler but difficult to CI since Jenkins does not have Oracle.

Next Week

  • Separating visit from ingest. Maybe Tim Jennesscould switch to exposure ID and move visit_detector_region to separate. Could even force exposure_id == visit_id as temporary hack.
  • Incremental ingest is NCSA priority.
  • Talk to Fritz Mueller about Andy Salnikov effort for RFC-648 implementation.
  • Will have to worry about instrument specific dataId rewriters by May to handle seqNum/dayObs. Jim Boschfeels that we should add them as dimensions and just leave them blank for some instruments.

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