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Room System

Phone Dial-in

  1. Dial: or
  2. Enter Meeting ID: 293724745 -or- use the pairing code

Dial-in numbers:

  • +1 408 740 7256
  • +1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free)
  • +1 408 317 9253 (Alternate Number)

Meeting ID: 293724745


10:15am PT



Discussion Items

Project updates
  • FY18 Travel Expense Assessment (Veronica Kinnison)
    • Spent over $800k in travel in FY18.
    • About a 5% “error rate” in terms of unallowable expenses.
    • Nothing that is a blatant disregard for government regulation or project policy.
    • Advice:
      • Be “reasonable and prudent”.
      • Be careful that TERs match accompanying receipts.
      • Personal/extended stays are not allowable.
      • Prefer cheaper alternatives (Uber/Lyft rather than taxis).
      • Use off-site parking at airports (and prefer traveling by Uber/Lyft than parking your own car where appropriate).
      • Rental cars when project-provided transportation is available should have written justification included in the TER.
    • Often managers (i.e., Wil) can approve exemptions to the guidelines, but we always need written justification.
    • Project worries that travel expenses are “low hanging fruit” for an audit.
  • Activities in Chile.
    • Make sure that plans for upcoming visits are “socialized”.
    • There are three weekly meetings in Chile (Wednesday/Chuck, Thursday/Jacques, Friday/Jacques), plus daily planning meetings. Make sure they know about your plans: who is coming, what they are doing. Weeks ahead, or even months ahead, where possible.
    • And make sure TRs are submitted well in advance.
    • Even if it is on your own funding, you need to have a TR.
    • May be additional unrest in March/April.
  • Folks with “stomach issues” at the Casino; project is responding promptly; a deep sanitization is upcoming.
  • Use the presentation slides from last week for reference on naming; information will be posted online soon.
  • Discussion of who is resolving LATISS issues; coordinating effort between Harvard/SLAC/Camera Team.
  • Nothing surprising to report from AMCL (now renamed to AMCR).
    • Looking for schedule opportunities.
    • Kudos for good progress made since the last meeting.
    • Next meeting will be in April.
  • Joint Status review likely week of 31 August; expect Directors Review etc a month or so earlier.
  • Over the next several months will start iterating on the charge for the Operations Readiness Review.
  • Currently no plans for a “joint technical meeting” this spring.
News from the PSTLeanne Guy  / Zeljko Ivezic  / Robert Lupton
  • The next DMLT face-to-face meeting will be virtual (ie, on BlueJeans), and will take place from 24 to 27 February (ie in four weeks).
  • Details are on this Confluence page.
  • Please add your suggested agenda items to that page by 10 February.
  • #dm-ccb currently discussing whether there will be a meeting this week.
  • Issues on SQuaRE, DAX for review; Gabriele has sent them an e-mail.
Risk review
Level 2 Milestones

Test Plans due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Milestones due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Any other business
  • Updated on AuxTel/LATISS/work on the mountain from Robert Lupton
    • LATISS is on the mountain; everything is up and running now (took longer than would have liked).
    • Successfully commanding the OCS from Jupyter notebooks, hitting OODS, data getting ingested, etc.
    • Power-up problems discovered on WREBs; took a lot of effort to find the issue; people working hard over the weekend.
    • Lack of procedures for e.g. getting bug fixes deployed on the mountain, for getting emergency fixes, etc.
      • But credit to the people who have been helping out!
    • Hope to be on-sky tonight.
    • Running a version of Jupyter on the mountain (not Nublado, due to multicast issues).
      • Frossie adds Nublado can be deployed on K8S without multicast, but cannot be used to command the DDS from those systems.
  • Kian-Tat Lim points out there is a total eclipse in Chile late this year!
  • The concern was raised that a proposal to rebrand the LSP as “VERA” was discussed at the PST, but should be cleared with Rubin's family before it is taken further.
DMLT travel & availability this week



Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Due this week

Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Action Items

Confluence Quick Tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Kian-Tat Lim  & Michelle Butler  — propose a design and schedule for deploying a rapid processing system at the LDF.  
29 May 2020Kian-Tat LimDMLT Meeting - 2020-03-02
  • Michelle Butler  & Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  — identify existing requirements, or suggest new requirements, for a user-facing ”bulk-download“ service (but not under that name).  
05 Jun 2020Michelle ButlerDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-02-25 to 27
  • Wil O'Mullane — make sure a L2 milestone for the Science Platform exists in P6.  
15 Jun 2020Wil O'MullaneDMLT Meeting - 2020-06-08
  • DMTN-148 is almost there suggest 2 weeks review by DMLT.  
15 Jun 2020 DM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
29 Jun 2020John SwinbankDMLT Meeting - 2020-06-22
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  — update the Science Platform design documentation to reflect that data access services should be tested with PyVO.  
01 Jul 2020Gregory Dubois-FelsmannDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
  • Colin Slater — Augment LDM-153 to provide a description of the semantics of NULL, NaN, inf, and other database vocabulary.  
06 Jul 2020Colin SlaterDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
06 Jul 2020Wil O'MullaneDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
  • Fritz Mueller — engage with the LDF and, as necessary, AP team to best understand the data structures required for the APDB.  
06 Jul 2020Fritz MuellerDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
  • Fritz Mueller — Draft an technote describing operational procedures for database ingest.  
03 Aug 2020Fritz MuellerDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14

DMLT-relevant Jira Tickets

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