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16:00 Eastern; 13:00 Project/Pacific Time.



We identified three priorities for CPP development during the S20A cycle (December 2019 through February 2020).

Prepare to use DM tools to commission the system

  • Track all tests that the Camera team are carrying out on BOT data.
  • Identify those tests which are of significant interest.
  • Reproduce their results using DM tooling on equivalent data at the LSST Data Facility.
    • “Equivalent data” may not necessarily mean BOT data; it may be easier to draw from ComCam. 
    • DM tools may need to be developed, rather than simply run, to execute the test case.
  • In parallel with developing and running code to generate calibration products as part of this, scripts and procedures should be developed to perform verification/sanity checking on the results.
  • We expect this work to (ultimately) be the main priority of (at least) Andrés Alejandro Plazas MalagónMerlin Fisher-Levine.

Auxiliary Telescope pipeline development

  • AuxTel should be on sky in ~February 2020, but the initial priority will be to use it as an imager.
  • We have agreed in principle that LSST will fund 50% of a graduate student in France to work on spectral data reduction. However, that student won't start until autumn 2020, and their existence depends on successful recruitment.
  • Current development effort to bootstrap an LSST pipeline based on Spectractor is nearly complete: Merlin Fisher-Levine believes he can have something up and running with a couple of weeks of work. We agreed that he should go forward with that. Further spectroscopic pipeline development will be placed on hold pending recruitment in France.
    • Merlin will produce a functional pipeline in the Gen 2 middleware, then provide it to Christopher Waters for porting to Gen 3. Merlin & Chris will collaborate to make sure that the Gen 3 pipeline is properly tested in CI so that it is robust against future changes to middleware or other underlying infrastructure.
  • We expect that some level of effort may be required by the CPP team in support of AuxTel operations (ie, generating AuxTel calib products, or fixing up pipelines), but this should be minimal.

“Generation 3” porting

  • Christopher Waters  reckons that all of the “simple stuff” is just about Gen 3-ready at this point.
  • However, more effort is required to get cp_pipe and (ultimately) atmospec / Spectractor running in the Gen 3 system.
  • Christopher Waters will take the lead on this, and will start regularly attending our Monday meetings.

Next steps