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Room System

Phone Dial-in

  1. Dial: or
  2. Enter Meeting ID: 293724745 -or- use the pairing code

Dial-in numbers:

  • +1 408 740 7256
  • +1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free)
  • +1 408 317 9253 (Alternate Number)

Meeting ID: 293724745


10:15am PT



Discussion Items

Project updates
  • AURA-O closed today (4am Tucson time). General unrest in Chile — including Cocimbo. But looks like normality is returning — very calm in general. Italians arrived at Recinto. Spanish (TMA) to arrive soon - hopefully.
    • Stores open partially — long lines, also at gas stations.
    • Mountain is well stocked. Depending on curfew bus will go accordingly (5pm decision today — this time stick to it).
  • NSF & DOE visit last Saturday.
    • Happy with NSF sign on building.
    • Trip to summit: windy, but the dome moved.
    • All got their flights before problems started.
  • IT service contract was to start today as well.
  • IT manager still not hired — (improved) offer not accepted.
    • Did get an engineer, though.
  • Annual audit starts today.
    • Expect this to be handled by Daniel Calabrese.
  • Some murmuring on naming, but nothing concrete.
  • LCR-2045: commissioning descope
    • This shortens commissioning by 3 months, also less funding for DM (although the commissioning funding is not factored into our budget yet).
    • Need to look at it.
  • Filter carousel arrived at SLAC; filter changer and other parts may be on boat (will be this week) from France.
Data Facility — DOE investigation
  • Initial telecon with all 3 labs.
    • Criteria set.
  • SIte visits: SLAC Oct 31, Nov 1, BNL Nov 7, 8, FNAL Nov 14, 15.
    • Leanne, Frossie, Zeljko, John, Bob, Wil.
  • Recommendation due to the agencies by 15 December.

LDM-722 Provenance review WG: need potential names.

  • SST proposes Robert Gruendl Gregory Dubois-Felsmann Simon Krughoff. Note that Simon and Robert will be wearing 2 hats and will not just be representing the SST 
  • Keith agrees to propose someone from commissioning SV. We will decide who at the meeting Tuesday.
  • Someone from pipelines? 
  • PST?
  • EPO (I put Amanda Bauer but have not spoken to her)

Would like to have this out for DMLT meeting.

Sizing model
  • Status?
  • Michelle is working on the hardware side, understanding machine types and costing.
  • K-T is working on requirements.
  • Aim to have draft by Friday, will be discussed at DMLT F2F.
DMLT F2F meeting
  • The next face-to-face meeting will take place in next week.
  • Agenda on Confluence page.
Level 2 Milestones

Test Plans due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Milestones due in the next 45 days

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  • LDM-503-10a test plan reviewed, needs some tidying up.
    • Execution has been tried repeatedly, but keeps hitting technical issues.
    • Every piece of the test has been executed individually, just not all at the same time
  • Received input from Bob Blum re next observation rehearsals.
  • Dates for various ComCam integration milestones will have to be reset in PMCS by Michelle Butler.
    • PMCS changes will propagate to Jira automatically.
  • Michelle Butler — set appropriate dates on all milestones which depend on ComCam availability.  
Any Other Business
  • DMLT-F2F next week so no telecon (smile) 
  • Nov 3 PT clock change I think (so the Nov 4th DMLT telecon will be one hour later for us in Tucson).
  • Some SUIT team members at Caltech have been offboarded, which hinders their ability to access the LSP in the event of problems.
    • Specifically, Trey, Loi, Tatiana, David Shupe should retain credentials.
  • We expect that LCR-1923 (no in-camera crosstalk correction) will be accepted, since Mike Huffer is retiring.
DMLT Travel & Availability this week
Review open action items
No telecon next week, due to face-to-face-meeting. (See you at SLAC!)



Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Due this week

Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created planned end

Action Items

Confluence Quick Tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Kian-Tat Lim  & Michelle Butler  — propose a design and schedule for deploying a rapid processing system at the LDF.  
29 May 2020Kian-Tat LimDMLT Meeting - 2020-03-02
  • Michelle Butler  & Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  — identify existing requirements, or suggest new requirements, for a user-facing ”bulk-download“ service (but not under that name).  
05 Jun 2020Michelle ButlerDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-02-25 to 27
  • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann  — update the Science Platform design documentation to reflect that data access services should be tested with PyVO.  
01 Jul 2020Gregory Dubois-FelsmannDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
06 Jul 2020Wil O'MullaneDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14
  • Fritz Mueller — Draft an technote describing operational procedures for database ingest.  
03 Aug 2020Fritz MuellerDM Leadership Team Virtual Face-to-Face Meeting, 2020-05-12/14

DMLT-relevant Jira Tickets

Key Summary Reporter Assignee Created Due