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  • Michelle Gower   Other than misc conversations and planning, nothing Gen3 to report.
  • Unknown User (cs2018)
  • Jim Bosch: DM-17023 is almost done.  Will probably land early next week, after addressing review comments and rebasing one more time.  After that, I need to write an SST technote.  And after that, I'll dive into the next set of Registry changes unless we want to do any restructuring or renaming first.
  • Tim Jenness
  • Andy Salnikov
  • Fritz Mueller 

Misc items

Short Term Planning

  1. Run ci_hsc with large set of Gen3 changes.
    1. Waiting for  DM-17023 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to merge to master
  2. Run RC2 patch through as much of DRP as applicable
    1. needs RC2 bootstrap
  3. Run RC2
    1. DB folks will now have larger set of data flow information for analysis (along with updated schemas)


  • When OODS includes Gen3 (Tucson and Mountain)
    • Raw Ingest (AuxTel and ComCam)
      • 2019-09-19 obs_lsst package ready, ingest API ready (see ci_hsc_gen3 for example code).  Request to not have to specify instrument class with every ingest.  Discussed saving class in registry when registering instrument.
    • Purge (to keep size of registry small)
      • 2019-09-19 Butler delete functionality ready (but not duration related).  Perhaps could code a Datastore with expiration feature instead of an external driver.
    • Multi-registry
      • Staff schemas (db admin procedures, etc)
      • Unique Site IDs?
        • 2019-09-19 could be implemented in Jim's next big ticket.
    • Get calibs from any production runs
      • 2019-09-19 Have export and import when current big ticket merges to master.  Not clear if import is enough or will need a merge.
  • When NCSA DBB endpoint includes Gen3
    • Raw Ingest (AuxTel and ComCam)
    • Ingestion of certain LFA files
      • 2019-09-19 Wavefronts should be treated like raw, calibration spectrograph images and CBP images should be new instruments.  Need example files to determine whether any work needed
    • Multi-registry
      • Staff schemas (db admin procedures, etc)
      • Unique Site IDs
  • EFD ETL (Quick Look & DBB copy)
    • No additonal Gen3 work because joins would happen on EXPID?
      • 2019-09-13
        • Need to figure out how this is going to work 
        • Will Butler.get read header information from the EFD tables instead of from disk?
          • (If yes, then a job scratch repo/subset will need to also copy these EFD entries)
        • A third source of exposure information?   CAOM-compliant exposure table
    • Will EFD ETL values be used in QuantumGraph generation?
  • Gen3 "production" pipeline runs
    • HSC RC2 DRP running in Gen3 at some cadence (like we currently do with Gen2)
    • AuxTel pipelines (calibration?  drp?)
    • BPS
      • HTCondor version of BPS
      • BPS job activator
  • Next OPS rehearsal (Feb-ish)
    • Not clear that it will use Gen3, but can assume that is the hope.
    • Could include everything from image generation through accessing it via LSP (multi-registry)

Technical Discussions

  • Discussion of Tim's review of ticket DM-17023 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Repo import/export work done to make ci_hsc_gen3 less fragile.  
    • Export is pretty much the subset functionality
    • Import does not replace merge.  Data is inserted into repo as is (with no id modification).
  • Support re-run of pipetask on the same output collection ( DM-20845 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Discussion of how using collection in filenames and using collections to look up run.  Run ids are not human friendly.  And collections can be more than 1 run.   Instead switch to using a run name in the filename and to identify runs.   Jim Boschto write up in ticket.
  • obs_lsst gen3 support now merged ( DM-16297 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Need to sort out some things in data model:
    • discussion started because needing to use OBSID in the OCS Batch Service
    • e.g. OBSID vs EXPID, sequence number, etc. 
    • Tim Jenness to add as needed. 
  • Provenance
    • Near-term work Butler could start adding quantum records at execution (i.e., saving provenance tree).
    • Longer-term understanding what pieces are responsible for saving information that can be duplicated information (e.g., environment when running a quantum)
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