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nfrastructure meetings take place every Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel: . (changed to every Thursday in July 2019)


July 25, 2019

 Kian-Tat Lim
 Fritz Mueller
 Michelle Butler

Frossie Economou








Items from MichelleB about infrastructure 
  • Machines for Chile bound sent out of Tucson this week.  
  • No Patching of the systems in August 
  • All forwarded of JSR, JDR, and PCW for August. 
  • PCW: New ldap group for PCW-2019 users. Will need to add new group and old groups to acceptable users for the notebook during PCW.   Firewall/VPN requirement will be dropped during the PCW week.  
  • August 20th 2 factor will be required for all new accounts to be set up.  
    • The VPN requires 2 factor and so will CI-logon.  2 factor is also coming for lsst-dev, but not a requiremetn yet.   
    • If you haven't set up 2 factor for the LSP, it woudl be good if you get that set up now before 8/20.   but the VPN requires it, so most folks of the LSP have already done so.   
  •  September 28th  Power outage for the NCSA building.
    • It's a Saturday.   Same power outage that the NPCF building had done in June.  There are a few systems in the NCSA building still, and that is the LSST-dev01, 02, and 03.   So far the rest of the systems will remain up, BUT there is discussion that since it's a Saturday, we would also take down the GPFS environment for it's 5 hour maintenance.   That discussion continues.  If Sept 28th is NOT a good day, please let me know!!!  That is starting to really narrow down to that day.  
  • Procurment request sheet is up on the confluence:  Data processing services for FY2020 (Procurement at LDF 2020)#/

Add on items 

  • Where are we on the Spacial usage on Oracle.   
    • Michelle Butler thinks that NCSA was given a test license for the geo-spacial testing, and Christine was notified to give it a try.   Michelle Butler needs to follow up on what the pricing of that license is for our cluster.  
    • Follow up:   Did follow up on the Geo spactial request from last week. We have a demo geo spacial trial license going right now. Christine is all hooked up for that test, but we haven't heard back on any of those tests. is there also someone else that should be testing that. The pricing that I got for our size system is in the 266K range. that is a license. I sure hope that is not every year. I have also asked if we can run the geo queries on a portion of our "RAC" system and not have to pay for all the CPUs that we have. FYI I'm pursuing the pricing angle a bit... but nothing else at this point.
add on items 
  • Where are we on the NFS 4 ticket.  
    • Michelle Butler followed up, and the testing that the sqre group did shows that NFS4 will work, but the locking in the application code it not doing the lock correctly.   Kian-Tat Lim is going to follow up with Adam and see what we can do about that code.   

Action items: 

Michelle Butler needs to look at the geo spacial Oracle license, and make sure that is in place 

Michelle Butler needs to create the 2020 request sheet for procurement 

Michelle Butler needs to look into the NFS4 ticket 

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