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 Igor Gaponenko

Fabio Hernandez

Brian Van Klaveren

Michelle Butler

Simon Krughoff

Fritz Mueller

Kian-Tat Lim








What's new at LDF
  • No big updates for LDF; No maintenance this month (skipping March)
  • AA nodes shipped to Tucson, and will be shipped to Summit tomorrow (3/15)
  • NCSA is bringing on some 7*24 operation staff to watch the DM-infrastructure slack room, and the IHS tickets for operation problems and possible response needs.


Simon Krughoff
  • Adam was able to find one of the pesky 504 errors and fix it! YAY. It was a needle in the haystack in the deletion of a pod code.
QservFritz Mueller
  • Load spikes on Qserv nodes at least recently is coming from Qserv. but other load spikes need to be watched
  • DB10 had some weird firewall issues

Topics for next meeting

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Michelle Butler needs to chase down where the new ingress stuff is:  Matt Long is on Jury duty, but was in at work today.   The new clusters (stable, int, & admin) have all been built with new head nodes and ingres controllers and etc.   The testing has begun, and next week will turn Adam loose on the new systems to build a nublabo environment on them.   This information is for Brian Van Klaveren

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