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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:






Discussion item: Base/Summit

list of machines going to Tucson, Base, Summit for Spectrograph and ComCam support discussed.

Monthly maintenance

Scheduled for Feb 18, a docker and K8 update for the LSP cluster. Security patch needed before Monday afternoon because security hole usage code would be made public by then. It could not wait until Thursday normal maintenance.

Scheduled for Feb 21. See status page for updates

Scheduled for Feb 27. 9pm PT a DUO update that will cause an outage of < 10 minutes, but it's scheduled for 1 hour. Should improve our reliability.

Ci-logon outageCi-logon was being tested 2 weeks ago, but impacted more than just Adam's logon. email was sent to Brian, Adam, and Jeff Gaynor (ci-logon developer). Since there is a better understanding of what happened and why the outage was caused. Brian did report that he thought Adam was still having problems, and we would take that off line. (update: I think things are better here on the ci-logon front – a better understanding of how the "proxy" works and identifies to a client by me)
Log accessFigured out. Using kubgrps for that. make a IHS ticket to gain access to the nodes log files as you need that access.

Security of stable and int has been discussed at NCSA and resolved to the int has many developers involved with kubcntl, but the stable woudl have a rep from each LSP group that kubcntl commands can be done when something is required. Reported also that INT and STABLE are coming, but the security patch needed this week slowed things down. (sad)

DES hack day
It is not a demo of the LSP with users involved and getting on and trying the LSP. It will be a demo of a few people using their laptops that already have access.

Brian is looking to have the ingress of the K8 systems ugpraded to a newer version. He is going to create a IHS ticket for that.

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