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11:00 Eastern; 08:00 Project/Pacific Time.



  • AuxTel pipeline (Merlin Fisher-Levine).
    • Per previous meeting we agreed that we'd get a todo list on DM-16699.
    • Merlin is watching snooker. (Just Monday Morning Meeting Multitasking, not during that meeting. Also, it's Ronnie!)
    • Todo list is coming.
    • Has been making progress; there is an executable pipeline which should be done ~soonish.
    • Current goal: take arc lamp spectra provided by Kirk (on DM-16269). Aim to have a spectral extraction of this.
    • Would be useful to have a LATTISS update on their timeline.
      • John Swinbank should ask Patrick about this.
      • Also what lab data is coming — better biases, darks, flat field data, monochromatic flats, arc lamp data, ... etc.
    • Hoping to have a skeletal pipeline late next week.
      • Perhaps in two weeks we should have a discussion with RHL about this.
  • Sensor Characterization and ISR (Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón ).
    • Status update.
      • Still filling out the giant table!
      • Has been looking at LSE-61, adding columns to the table.
      • Merlin Fisher-Levine encouraging Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón to start tracking an effect described at the most recent SAWG meeting; should appear on the table soon.
        • Needs to get a name!
      • Is discussing with some DESC experts on Wednesday this week.
    • Whose job is it to identify which effects are really problematic for lensing?
      • Ultimately, making this call is up to Robert Lupton; we will provide him with whatever information he needs to make those decisions.
      • Simulating all the effects and understanding their impacts is a lot of work and beyond the practical scope of what Andrés can do.
    • Merlin suggests: get some chromatic data from TS8, and see how chromatic the “horrible effect” discussed above is.
  • Atmospheric characterization.
    • When we last spoke, the paper at was being drafted, and Unknown User (aguyonnet)was going to give us a shout when it was ready for a wider audience. I don't think that should happened.
      • Aiming to get a “final first draft” in ~two weeks.
    • Anything else happening in parallel?
    • Two tickets:
      • DM-17145 — shifting ground level! Not sure why, but correcting for it removes systematics.
      • DM-17192 — atmospheric parameters from Gemini. Still in progress. Delayed by problems with NASA server (shutdown?!)
    • Working on the paper.
  • Andrés Alejandro Plazas Malagón  — thank you for taking on DM-16813!
    • Discussion on Slack of  DM-16292 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; is that a priority?
    • Conclusion: no.