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  1. New feature: 
    1. afw-display API, allow user to group regions 
    2. in the UI, allow user to turn on/off a group of regions
  2. At least documentation is needed for afw_display: color name and color value matches (HTML color or X-window color names) for the mask layers. 
  3. Center image: Currently we center the image at the last input position or image center. Maybe allow user to input a position to center the image on. For API, allow user to give position as parameter to center on. 
  4. WCS match and lock relationship needs to be defined more clearly. For Robert's use case, maybe locking zoom and pan is good, but not the stretch for sure.  And images match in image pixel coordinate.
  5. Make the inset image (the thumb nail at mouse) full resolution, wth LSST mask and footprint overlaid on it, also has a marked mark on mouse position.
  6. image pan and zoom is slow, especially the K8s deployment in lspdev. We need to look into potential causes:
    1. k8s network overlay
    2. the allocated cores and memories. Is the memory real or virtual?
    3. File system mount: nfs, gpfs.  Will the direct local working directory help?
    4. request SSD for Firefly cache 
  7. region overlay, after multiple zoom-ins/zoom-to-fit, the region is out of sync with the zoomed image
  8. improvement on layer dialog, making the two buttons "Show All" and "Hide All" into one, toggle the labels to achieve the same goal.
  9. Transparency/Opaque confusion in the Python implementation.  DM-15438 - display_firefly setMaskTransparency is backwards DONE
  10. Bug: When open the layer dialog and tried to change the color for one mask, the color picker dialog showed a different color from the original. (Xiuqin can't reproduce it directly in my local Firefly in Aug 8 Git commit e6a11ce67 build. )
  11. ? Show a list of masks like "a, b, c ...", expand to the full list when mouse hover over it.
  12. Currently color and transparency are in the same "color picker" dialog, maybe separate them?
  13. Enable user to change Firefly server on the fly, repoint at firefly_display level. reason: notebook users may want to access different Firefly server at different section. 
  14. The information "FOV 28'" is not useful in certain situation especially when user sets the image title explicitly. Options: 
    1. when user sets the image title, by default, do not display the FOV information
    2. make the space for image title longer according to the size of the image display area. 
  15. With mask layers turned on, zoom in the image, the update was slow. User does not know if the update is finished or not
  16. Stretch dialog improvement:  DM-15205 - Image stretch dialog improvements TO DO
    1. For the new asinh stretch, changing parameter Q results in the stretch change in image
    2. But in other types of stretch, "Apply" button has to be clicked for the change to take effect.
  17. Overlay (don't remember if it is region) disappeared when zooming in or moving the image (suspect that the whole thing was not drawn because the corner of the overlay was out of display, but I can't confirm this suspicion).
  18. For some situation, pixel readout does not need fraction displayed, only the integer number is meaningful. Allow using arrow key to move the mouse one pixel at a time. (Gregory suggested that we turn this feature on when "Lock by click" is checked).
  19. Improvement on DN readout. 1.2345E3 is hard to read and waste of space. Maybe consider Fortran g format.
  20. When there are two images in the expanded mode, there is only one arrow to go through them. There should still be two arrows for consistency. 
  21. Allow the image manipulation icons to be at vertical side.