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  • Installing sims (lsst stack) on edison at NERSC

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After doing the whole thing, I'm now getting free() errors when loading anaconda shared libraries in Python.  I'll try installing an edison anaconda.


This was pretty straight forward.  The only issues were:

  1. edison does not have CA certificates in a standard location on the login nodes
  2. cc is not removed from the path and does not function when the PrgEnv-gcc module is used
  3. I found that the PYTHONPATH is set by default leading to unexpected behavior unless I cleared the PYTHONPATH before installing

Heres what I did:

  1. Create directories and setup environment:
    $> mkdir -p /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/lsstStack/


  1. $> module swap PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-gnu
    $> module load git
    $> setenv CC 'gcc'
    $> unsetenv PYTHONPATH
  2. Get anaconda and setup paths:
    $> cd /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/
    $> curl -s -L -o 
    $> bash -b -p anaconda
    $> setenv PATH ${PWD}/anaconda/bin:$PATH
    $> setenv PYTHON `which python`
  3. Get CA certificate bundle.  The following is very insecure.  A better way to do this is probably to use another machine to download the certificate bundle and scp it to the cluster:
    $> wget --no-check-


  1. certificate

$> mv ca-bundle.crt /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison

  1. $> setenv CURL_CA_BUNDLE


  1. $PWD/ca-bundle.crt

$> setenv PATH /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst/anaconda/bin/:$PATH #sharing anaconda with carver build

$> setenv PYTHON `which python`

$> cd /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/lsstStack/

  1. Get the installer and start the installation:
    $> cd lsstStack
    $> curl -O


  1. bash


$> setenv CC 'gcc' 

$> eups distrib install afw # Installing the hardest thing first.  If this works, everything else should install (fingers crossed)


  1. Get the rest of the stack
    $> source loadLSST.csh
    $> eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims

This failed at installing healpy complaining about the version of setuptools.  It turns out that the stock python path was making it into PYTHONPATH.  This may be solved by unloading the python module before doing anything else, but it didn't help here.




$> setenv PYTHONPATH /project/projectdirs/m1727/lsst_edison/lsstStack/Linux64/sconsUtils/


Important Note: This installed the v8.0 stack, but turned up a bug in afw that causes a segfault in one of the unit tests.  I will track that down, but until it's fixed this stack is not usable.