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Code Block
cd ~/lsst
curl -OL
bash -3ct

You do not need to do "eups distrib install lsst_distrib", as described on the pipelines page, as we will install the required simulations packages below.  


Code Block
source ~/lsst/loadLSST.csh 
eups distrib install lsst_sims -t sims
curl -sSL | python

This will install all packages currently in the catalogs simulations framework (CatSim) and metrics analysis framework (MAF) and all dependencies.  The installation should take on the order of 2 hours, with a final required installation size of 10GB. 

The `shebangtron` command is there to correct the paths to installed binaries of Data Management software packages.

Any of the individual packages and all their dependencies can be installed by replacing lsst_sims with the appropriate package name in the above code snippet (e.g. sims_maf).  Installation is now complete.  See package specific pages for documentation.